Technical introduction of silicone heater


Drums reheating 2-1. Standardized dimensions of drums One of the most common applications of flexible silicone heaters is reheating drums. It is therefore necessary to specify the theoretical and practical […]

Technical introduction of Jacket heater


The most common question users ask is: «How long does it take for your blanket to heat my drum or container?» To answer this question a number of parameters must […]

Historical introduction to level switches


If the level measurement, especially for meteorological purposes seems to date back to the 4th or 5th century BC in India, the development of steam boilers for locomotives and low […]

Historical introduction to flow switches


In antiquity, the flow measurement was one of the first means of time measurement. But it was not until the steam engines development and the need to control their water […]

Historical introduction to humidistats


Relative humidity control is relatively new, and the first mechanical devices that were used for this purpose dating from the early 20th century, and were related to the development of […]

Historical introduction Summarized history of air heating and sheathed heating elements


The invention of sheathed heating elements comprising a metal tube swaged around a coiled heating wire, and which is insulated by compressed magnesia, was an essential step of the electrothermics […]

From Miners lamps to explosion proof equipment Short history


Standards of product design included the types of basic protection against explosions such as flameproof enclosures, immersion in oil and increased safety. Components were designed to be protected against explosions […]

History of threaded pipe connections


History of technologies linked to heating.2019 History of threaded pipe connections 20190221

Little history of water circulating heaters and storage heater


In 62 AD, Seneca, in his book “Natural Questions” (quaestiones Naturales), Book III, describes the water circulation water heaters in Roma at this time as follows: “We are in the […]

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History of threaded pipe connections