TypesY6, Y7, Y8: temperature control boxes Bulb and capillary

Main features
These products come in 4 diferent dimensional coniguraions, in control (One bulb) or control + high limit safety (2 bulbs)

Main advantages :

• The simplest and most economical control systems of the Y6, 7, 8 electromechanical temperature controls range.
• Heavy duty housing for outside use, IP65 and IK10. PA66 for Y8 and aluminum for Y6 and Y7
• Insincive understanding of the seing by the end customer.
• It has proven reliability, and a good immunity to power supply problems.
Standard equipment :
• Knob with adjustable stop for posiioning a mechanical limit at high or low seing.
• Red and green lights, indicaing 230V in and out voltage.
• Fuse for internal relay circuit protecion (When present).
• Illuminated on-of switch is standard on types with relays or relay board. It is an opion on other models.
• Knob printed in ° C
• 4 wall mouning removable legs
• Connecion block with 5 terminals for 6 mm² wires and 5 terminals for 2.5 mm² wires (10 x 10 mm ² for 30A and higher models).
Internal wiring provides connecion between thermostat capillary and ground terminal.
The connecion block is equipped with a jumper between terminals 1 and 2, it allows connecing a safety device, a imer, or an external wired remote control.
On versions using power relay(s) this jumper is on the power relay coil circuit. This external connecion is not available on 3 poles models without relay.

Contact acion (Types with manual reset thermostat opion) :
Versions with manual reset thermostat are muliple, because of the many possible coniguraions. The manual reset thermostat can be SPST, DPST, 3PST or even 4PST, failsafe or standard. Single pole thermostats can be coupled to a SPST or DPST or 3 pole ST power relay, or to a 3 poles relay board. Some coniguraions also allow the coupling with an external thermal fuse (“TCO”). The choice of diferent coniguraions depends on the inal applicaion, and the requirements to use single poles or muliple pole switching systems, independent or not.
Minimum calibraion temperature for manual reset thermostats is 40 ° C. (60°C for fail safe versions). In standard, these manual reset thermostats are calibrated at 20°C more than the maximum control thermostat seing. Other values on request. With rare excepions, their contact acion is open on temperature rise, without change over.
Cables output :
• Cable gland output board is equipped in standard with one or two M25cable glands (Other cable gland boards: 2 x M20+1xM24, 1 x 1 “or 4 x M20 for lat heat tracing cables, see page 72).
• The two back side M20 X 1.5 outputs are equipped with cable glands with silicone gasket to seal the temperature sensors outlet.
• When the Y8 type is used with backside accessories, the version to use is the distant measurement one, and capillary protecion tube must be removed.
Standard Accessories :
10 PA66 red plasic seals, English-French installaion manual.
Opions :
• Infrared remote control
• 2 poles shat switch with 3 mm contact distance (Not available on 3 phase models or models with K thermostat)
• Enclosure heater
• Sot grip backlit knob
• ° F knob
• Illuminated on-of switch (This opion reduces the electrical raing to 12A in no relay versions, and is not available on models with 3 poles without relay and
models with shat switch)
• 115-120V power supply.


2D&3D Drawing