Types VR and VU: SPDT Bimetal rod thermostats with dead zone



Applications: These thermostat have a rod section that is not sensible to temperature. This allows to keep the thermostat head away from high temperatures. Therefore, they are more used in air duct temperature control. 

Temperature ranges: 0-100°C (32-212°F), 0-200 °C (32-392°F), 0-300°C (32-572°F), 0-400°C (32-752°F)


Housing dimensions: 65 x48 x 48 mm (knob not included)

Material: PA66 housing, and Aisi 304 stainless steel rod

Temperature sensing element:  Invar/stainless steel bimetal rod, temperature sensing

Electrical connections: screw terminals


– For liquid temperature sensing: inside pocket with internal diameter > 10 mm , or directly on 3/8”BSPP thread under the head, or with 3/8 x1/2” fitting (see accessories)

– For air  temperature sensing measurement: with stainless steel bracket, with or without rod cooler

Rating: 16(4)A 250/400VAC, 300.000 cycles. Reduced differential model is not recommended for 400V applications.

Contacts: SPDT, snap action

Max ambient temperature on the head: 85°C  (185°F)


-Cnomo electrical connector

Other temperature ranges.

-Other rod lengths

-IP65 aluminum housing: See catalogue  N°2

Accessories: BSPT 1/2” stainless steel pocket, fittings, bracket, see full description and references  at end of this catalogue

Approvals: comply with EN 60730-1 and EN 60730-2 standards


Main references

Temperature range

°C (°F)

Rod length  (mm) Reference with standard differential* Differential value

°C (°F)

Reference with reduced differential* Differential value

°C (°F)

Max. temperature on rod

°C (°F) 



300 VRA00010000300 6±3°C (10.8±5.4°F) VUA00010000300 3±1.5°C (5.4±2.7°F) 130°C (266°F)


450 VRA00010000450 6±3°C (10.8±5.4°F) VUA00010000450 3±1.5°C (5.4±2.7°F) 130°C (266°F)


300 VRA00020000300 12±6°C (21.6±10.8°F) VUA00020000300 6±3°C (10.8±5.4°F) 230°C (446°F)


300 VRA00030000300 18±9°C (32.4±16.2°F) VUA00030000300 9±4.5°C (16.2±8.1°F) 350°C (662°F)


450 VRA00040000450 24±12°C (43.2±21.6°F) VUA00040000450 12±6°C (21.6±10.8°F) 450°C (842°F)

* These products can also be supplied with Cnomo connector electrical output: Replace the last number in the reference “0” by “1”


2D&3D Drawing