Types KZ-3:Single pole manual reset limiter, bulb and capillary, fail safe, SPDT contact

Housing dimensions:  79.5 x 51 x 28.5mm (6.3 quick connect terminals and manual reset button not included)

Bulb and capillary: copper or stainless steel depending on temperature range, standard capillary length 1500 mm. Capillary minimum bending radius 5mm.

Temperature sensing element: liquid filled bulb and capillary.

Terminals:  3 tabs  6.35 x 0.8 mm

Adjustment: Non-adjustable set point, factory sealed

Trip off at freezing temperature: lower than -10°C. Consult factory if ambient temperature can decrease to lower values.

Mounting: by 2 M4 screws, 28mm distance or by M10x1 bushing.

Rating: 16A (1/4 HP) 250VAC, 16A 400V res.

Contact: SPDT (snap action contact), manual reset

Electrical life: >100,000 cycles at nominal rating.

Accessories: M10x1 nut and manual reset cap are included.

Options: Fixed setting can be replaced by screw driver with limited adjustment possibilities.


Main references


Possible calibration span (°C/°F) Capillary length (C,mm) Bulb diameter

(D, mm)

Bulb length


Max temperature on bulb (°C/°F)
KZF050***230V 0-50°C


1500 6.4 152

60°C (140°F)




1500 4.8 130 160°C (320°F)
KZF050***130V 10-150°C


3000 4.8 130

160°C (320°F)




1500 4 100 320°C (610°F)
KZF050***730V 60-500°C


1500 4.8 120

760°C (1400°F)




3000 4.8 120

760°C (1400°F)

***= Calibration value in °C 

Caution: Bulbs and capillaries of ranges above 400°C are filled with sodium potassium eutectic. If they leak or are broken, this liquid will ignite if in contact with water.


2D&3D Drawing