Types BE2, BE3, BE5, BE6: Elevated terminal connection blocks


In electrothermal connection applications, especially in immersion heaters connection boxes appear specific constraints: high ambient temperature, frequent thermal cycles, and confined space around the ends of the heating elements and their terminals, making difficult to the user to make connections.

These terminals have been developed to address these constraints.

Main features, identical for all types

Body: Glass-filled Polyamide 66, UL94V, GWFI 960°C, ambient temperature up to 150°C.

Terminals: M3 screw terminals with captive elastic notched washer, resistant to loosening from vibration or thermal cycling. These terminals can receive bare wire, or tinned, or equipped with cable shoes, fork terminals or eyelet terminals. M3 screw and the spring washer may be replaced by a 4.8×0.8 tab.

Voltage: 400V max.

Wire gauge: Each terminal accepts on each side two conductors from 0.5mm² to 2.5mm².

Maximum rating per terminal: 24 Amp. Corresponding to 17°C self-heating in free air of the terminal. (Upon IEC60947-7)

Mounting: M3 screws or ST3.5 self-tapping screws



2D&3D Drawing