Types 1B, 1C, 1R, 1U: Rod thermostats, DPST and SPDT


Applications: temperature control of liquid and gas, with SPDT  or DPST contact

Sensing element: Bimetal rod,  304 stainless steel, dia. 9.5 mm, fast thermal response

Housing: no housing in this model, See catalogue N°2 for this product with aluminum housing

Standard temperature setting ranges: -10+130°C, 15-95°C, 25-165°C. Other temperature ranges on request.


-Standard: 15°C with 200 mm rod, 10°C with 300 mm rod

-Reduced: 3°C with 200 mm rod, 2°C with 300 mm rod

Set point adjustment:  screw driver, with temperature printed dial

Mounting: inside pocket, locked by clips

Contact: DPNC or o 1xNC + 1 x NO

Rating: standard differential  15(4)A, 250/400VAC

Reduced differential: 4(1)A 250VAC

Ambient temperature: -30+100°C on thermostat body, and Max dial temperature value+50°C on rod


Main references

Set point adjustment range (°C) Rod length (mm) References with DPNC contact, standard differential References with DPNC contact, reduced differential References with  1 x NC + 1 x NO contact, standard differential References with 1 x NC + 1 x NO contact, reduced differential
-10+130 200 1BA-10130B200 1CA-10130B200 1RA-10130B200 1UA-10130B200
+15+95 200 1BA015095A200 1CA015095A200 1RA015095A200 1UA015095A200
+15+95 300 1BA015095C300 1CA015095C300 1RA015095C300 1UA015095C300
+25+165 200 1BA025165B200 1CA025165B200 1RA025165B200 1UA025165B200



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