Type ZV: Douple pole snap action contact airswitch, high electrical rating

Uses: High electrical rating, for 250V.
Main applications: Direct actuating of pumps and blowers in spas and swimming pools, sink erasers, professional or home appliances used with risks of water splashing. Resist to spas and swimming pools ozone concentration.
Membranes: EPDM, dia 22 mm. Silicone or NBR on request. Double membrane on request.
Fluid: air
Fitting: Plastic spout for 1/8(3mm) or 1/16(1.5mm) ID flexible plastic tubing maximum hardness 70 shore A
Pressure: positive
Housing: PA66, UL94 VO and ABS
Contact: two SPNO or SPDT, snap action switches. SPNC contacts available with MOQ
Electrical rating: Depends on micro-switch operating force that is linked to the electrical rating
– Standard rating micro-switch (medium and high pressure calibration only): 16A 125/250VAC;1/2HP 125VAC; 3/4HP 250VAC
– High rating micro-switch (medium and high pressure calibration only): 2HP 240V, 21(8) A 240V (UL, CSA VDE switch)
– Low force micro-switch (set points less than 150 mbar): 1/4HP 6(1) A 240V ( UL, CSA VDE switch)
– On request: up to 25A 250V
Action: momentary or alternate (Latching). One momentary and one alternate version is possible on request
Electrical connection: 6.35 x 0.8 mm quick connect terminals
Maximum pressure: 4 bars (58 PSI)
Ambient temperature limits: 0 to 85°C
Barometric compensation: groove on 4 mm spout for ¼ NPSM, calibrated orifice on 9/16-18
Caution: This compensation is skipped if using ¼ thread for pressure connection
Mounting fittings: ¼” NPSM or 9/16-18 (2 possible flat positions)
Switch operation: Operates on a sealed pressure air displacement.
Do not use pressure transmitters with air input to avoid pumping action.
Use air transmitters with enough air volume to achieve minimum operating pressure.
Caution: too long connecting tubing and/or too small pressure transmitter will not operate the air switch or will operate it with a momentary
Accessories: shipped with plastic nut. Maximum tightening torque with plastic nut is 0.08mkg (0.8Nm).
Recommended value: 0.5 Nm . Stainless steel nut or tube securing nut (*) on request


Available pressure inlet fittings


*Tube securing nut


References (SPNO contact)

Pressure inlet Standard rating microswitch Low pressure microswitch High rating microswitch
9/16-18+ spout, 2 flats at 0°, standard nut ZV153UU100000008 ZV103UU500000008 ZV173UU600000008
9/16-18+ spout, 2 flats at 90°, standard nut ZV153WU100000008 ZV103WU500000008 ZV173WU600000008
1/4 NPSM + spout, standard nut ZV153IU100000006 ZV103IU500000006 ZV173IU600000006
9/16-18+ spout, 2 flats at 0°, tube securing nut ZV153UU100000009 ZV103UU500000009 ZV173UU600000009
9/16-18+ spout, 2 flats at 90° tube securing nut ZV153WU100000009 ZV103WU500000009 ZV173WU600000009
1/4 NPSM + spout, tube securing nut ZV153IU100000007 ZV103IU500000007 ZV173IU600000007

SPDT contacts: replace the fifth character “2” in the reference by “3”


2D&3D Drawing