Type: ZF Slow action contact miniature vacuum switches for printed circuit boards with 5 mm pitch, metal fitting SPNC contact

Uses: Low voltage, high sensivity

Main applications: Electronic printed circuit. This vacuum switch is more sensible than snap action models and can be calibrated at lower pressure values. Very small differential.

Membranes: EPDM, dia 22 mm. Silicone or NBR on request

Fluid: air or water

Fitting: Brass (stainless steel on request)

Pressure: negative (Vacuum)

Housing: PA66, UL94 VO

Contact: single pole normally closed at atmospheric pressure, slow break.

Electrical rating:

– Silver contact: max 1A 250V

– Gold plated contact: max 100 mA, 24V

Action: momentary, open on vacuum increase (=decrease of absolute pressure).

Set point calibration: factory calibrated and sealed, not field adjustable

Set point calibration limits (relative pressure): standard calibration minus 50mbar, other values are achievable from minus 20 to minus 200 mbar

Electrical connection: printed circuit terminal, dia 1.2 mm, 15mm spacing

Maximum pressure: 2 bars (30 PSI)

Maximum vacuum: minus 500 mbar (relative pressure)

Ambient temperature limits: 0 to 85°C


Available pressure inlet fittings


References ( with calibration at minus 50 mbar and brass fitting):

Pressure inlet               Silver contact Gold plated contact
1/8’’ NPT ZF2X1RL105000000 ZF2X1RLG05000000
1/8’’BSPT ZF2X1PL105000000 ZF2X1PLG05000000
1/8’’BSPP ZF2X1LL105000000 ZF2X1LLG05000000
1/4’’ NPT ZF2X1CL105000000 ZF2X1CLG05000000
1/4’’ BSPT ZF2X1SL105000000 ZF2X1SLG05000000
1/4’’ BSPP ZF2X12L105000000 ZF2X12LG05000000
Smooth spout dia 4 mm ZF2X13L105000000 ZF2X13LG05000000
Spout dia 6 mm ZF2X17L105000000 ZF2X17LG05000000
Fluted spout dia 6 mm ZF2X1JL105000000 ZF2X1JLG05000000
Barbed spout dia 10 mm ZF2X19L105000000 ZF2X19LG05000000

Other set point values: replace 050 in the product reference by the requested value in mbar


2D&3D Drawing