Type ZF: Slow action contact miniature air switches, 6.35 x 0.8 mm terminals, SPNO contact

Uses: Low voltage, high sensivity

Main applications: Remote controls for spa, swimming pools saunas, intrusion detection carpets, plumbering equipment. This pressure switch is more sensitive than snap action models and allows longer tubing distance

Membranes: EPDM, dia 22 mm. Silicone or NBR on request

Fluid: air

Fitting: Plastic spout for 1/8(3mm) or 1/16(1.5mm) ID flexible plastic tubing maximum hardness 70 shore A

Pressure: positive

Housing: PA66, UL94 VO and ABS

Contact: single pole normally open, slow make.

Electrical rating:

– Silver contact: max 1A 250V

– Gold plated contact: max 100 mA, 24V

Action: momentary, close on pressure inpulse.

Set point calibration: 50mbar, factory calibrated and sealed, not field adjustable. Other values on request

Electrical connection: printed circuit terminal, dia 1.2 mm, 15 mm spacing

Maximum pressure: 2 bars (29 PSI)

Ambient temperature limits: 0 to 85°C

Barometric compensation: groove on 4 mm spout for ¼ NPSM, calibrated orifice on 9/16-18

Caution: This compensation is skipped if using ¼ thread for pressure connection

Mounting fittings: ¼” NPSM or 9/16-18 (2 possible flat positions)

Switch operation: Operates on a sealed pressure air displacement.

Do not use pressure transmitters with air input to avoid pumping action.

Use air transmitters with enough air volume to achieve minimum operating pressure.

Caution: too long connecting tubing and/or too small pressure transmitter will not operate the air switch or will operate it with a momentary action.

Accessories: shipped with plastic nut. Maximum tightening torque with plastic nut is 0.08mkg (0.8Nm).

Recommended value: 0.5 Nm . Stainless steel nut or tube securing nut (*) on request


Available pressure inlet fittings Mounting

*Tube securing nut


References ( with calibration at 50 mbar):

Pressure inlet Silver contact Gold plated contact
9/16-18+ spout, 2 flats at 0°, standard nut ZF2X2UEA05000008 ZF2X2UEG05000008
9/16-18+ spout, 2 flats at 90°, standard nut ZF2X2WEA05000008 ZF2X2WEG05000008
1/4 NPSM + spout, standard nut ZF2X2IEA05000006 ZF2X2IEG05000006
9/16-18+ spout, 2 flats at 0°, tube securing nut ZF2X2UEA05000009 ZF2X2UEG05000009
9/16-18+ spout, 2 flats at 90° tube securing nut ZF2X2WEA05000009 ZF2X2WEG05000009
1/4 NPSM + spout, tube securing nut ZF2X2IEA05000007 ZF2X2IEG05000007

Other set point values: replace 050 in the product reference by the requested value in mbar


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