Type ZD: Snap action contact miniature vacuum switch, SPDT contact. Metal fitting

Uses: High electrical rating, for 250V.

Main applications: Vacuum detection on pumps, filters, ventilation, and electrical appliances.

Membranes: EPDM, dia 22 mm. Silicone or NBR on request. Double membrane on request.

Fluid: water or air

Fitting: brass (stainless steel on request)

Pressure: negative (Vacuum)

Housing: PA66, UL94 VO

Contact: SPDT, snap action. NO or NC contacts available with MOQ

Electrical rating: Depends on micro-switch operating force that is linked to the electrical rating

-Standard rating micro-switch (medium and high vacuum calibration only): 16A 125/250VAC;1/2HP 125VAC; 3/4HP 250VAC. Differential about 60 mbar

– High rating micro-switch (medium and high vacuum calibration

only): 2HP 240V, 21(8) A 240V (UL, CSA VDE switch). Differential about 90 mbar.

– Low force micro-switch (vacuum less than minus 150 mbar): 1/4HP 6(1) A 240V (UL, CSA VDE switch) Differential about 40 mbar.

– On request: up to 25A 250V

Action: momentary.

Set point calibration: factory calibrated and sealed, not field adjustable

Calibration condition: the contact between Com and NC opens when vacuum pressure goes from atmospheric pressure to requested vacuum set point.

Set point calibration limits: from minus 50 to minus 700 mbar

Electrical connection: 6.35 x 0.8 mm quick connect terminals

Maximum pressure: 4 bars (58 PSI)

Maximum vacuum: minus 700 mbar (relative pressure)

Ambient temperature limits: 0 to 85°C


Available pressure inlet fittings


References ( with SPDT contact and brass fitting):

Pressure inlet Standard rating micro- switch
(Calibration : minus 200 mbar)
Low pressure micro-switch
(Calibration minus 100 mbar)
High rating micro-switch
(Calibration minus 300 mbar)
1/8’’ NPT ZD222RU10B000000 ZD252RU50A000000 ZD2BRU60C0000000
1/8’’BSPT ZD222PU10B000000 ZD252PU50A000000 ZD2BPU60C0000000
1/8’’BSPP ZD222LU10B000000 ZD252LU50A000000 ZD2BLU60C0000000
1/4’’ NPT ZD222CU10B000000 ZD252CU50A000000 ZD2BCU60C0000000
1/4’’ BSPT ZD222SU10B000000 ZD252SU50A000000 ZD2BSU60C0000000
1/4’’ BSPP ZD2222U10B000000 ZD2522U50A000000 ZD2B2U60C0000000
Smooth spout dia 4 mm ZD2223U10B000000 ZD2523U50A000000 ZD2B3U60C0000000
Spout dia 6 mm ZD2227U10B000000 ZD2527U50A000000 ZD2B7U60C0000000
Fluted spout dia 6 mm ZD222JU10B000000 ZD252JU50A000000 ZD2BJU60C0000000
Barbed spout dia 10 mm ZD2229U10B000000 ZD2529U50A000000 ZD2B9U60C0000000
Other set point values: replace
B00 in the product reference by the requested value in mbar
Other set point values: replace
A00 in the product reference by the requested value in mbar
Other set point values: replace 000in the product reference by the requested value in mbar


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