Type Y90-G & Y90-H: Explosion proof thermostats with IP54 aluminum enclosure(Under development)

Explosion proof thermostats with IP54 aluminum enclosure,

cable output

Bulb and capillary thermostat, SPDT, 5A 250V, cable connection

*Under development, will be put into the market soon*

General rules for installation:

This thermostat uses a flameproof micro-switch type Ex II2G (Ex dIIC T6 Gb). It is installed in a waterproof aluminum enclosure with an ingress protection class IP54, grey epoxy painted RAL 7032, fitted with a built in electrical connection cable.  It is not allowed to make electrical connections inside this aluminum enclosure. Electrical connection at the end of this cable must be made inside an increased safety “e” junction box complying with the standard EN60079-7, or outside hazardous area. Aluminum enclosure earthing is mandatory.


Two versions: with internal adjustment requiring opening the cover, or with a window and internal adjustment access without removing the cover.

Housing: aluminum with wall mounting plate in stainless steel.

Dimensions: 104 x 102 x 86 mm without window , 104 x 102 x 91.3mm with window

Bulb and capillary: Copper for ranges up to 50 ° C. Stainless steel for ranges above. Capillary length 1500mm or 3000mm. Minimum bending radius of 5 mm.

Temperature sensing element: liquid expansion, based on hydrocarbon oils. Side outlet capillary, protected by flexible metal stainless steel sheath.

Electrical connection: by H05VVF style cable, 3x 0.5 mm², length 3 meters, protected by corrugated flexible stainless steel sheath. Other lengths on request : 0.3m, 1m, 2m, 10m

Setting: by knob graduated in °C. Version with ° F printing on request. The adjustment shaft is in a separate area of the electrical contact area, so the adjustment is possible when power is on.

Mounting: by wall plate, 4 holes dia.5.5mm, 94mm x 92mm axis distance.

Contacts: SPDT  (snap action contact)

Electrical rating: Suitable for remote control of relay coils or PLCs circuits.


Max rating (A) Switch electrical life
250VAC 5



5 6000
0-15VDC 5





We do not recommend use on circuits of less than 800mW


Mechanical life: > 500.000 cycles

Atex approval: Kema 03ATEX2360X ; T6 ; Ta -20+40.


2D&3D Drawing

Main references with 3 meter cable

Internal adjustment Window adjustment Temperature range (°C) Capillary length (mm) Bulb diameter


Bulb length




Max temperature on bulb (°C)
Y90KWA-2502522CG Y90KWA-2502522CH -25+25* 1500 6.4 152 3+/-2 50
Y90KWA-1001522CG Y90KWA-1001522CH -10+15* 1500 6.4 152 3+/-2 50
Y90KWA00005020CG Y90KWA00005020CH 0-50* 1500 6.4 152 3+/-2 60
Y90KWA00007052CG Y90KWA00007052CH 0-70 1500 4.8 120 5+/-3 160
Y90KWA00007012CG Y90KWA00007012CH 0-70 3000 4.8 120 5+/-3 160
Y90KWA02009050CG Y90KWA02009050CH 20-90 1500 4.8 120 5+/-3 160
Y90KWA02009010CG Y90KWA02009010CH 20-90 3000 4.8 120 5+/-3 160
Y90KWA01015050CG Y90KWA01015050CH 10-150 1500 4.8 120 5+/-3 160
Y90KWA01015010CG Y90KWA01015010CH 10-150 3000 4.8 120 5+/-3 160
Y90KWA08020001CG Y90KWA08020001CH 80-200 1500 4 100 10+/-4 320
Y90KWA05030001CG Y90KWA05030001CH 50-300 1500 4 100 10+/-4 320

*The filling liquid of these thermostatic assemblies has a freezing temperature below -40 ° C. However it is important to protect the bulb and /or the capillary against the risk of freezing if a temperature below -35 ° C can be reached in operation. Minimum acceptable temperature on enclosure: -20 ° C.

Versions avec réglage par tournevis : remplacer Y90KWA***** par Y90KWC*****

Pockets and other accessories, see last section of this catalogue.