Type Y8WH-E: Digital display liquid temperature controller with NTC 500mm long temperature sensing probe for temperature measurement at the centre of containers


Main features

The heating of the containers (drums or IBC’s) by jacket heaters gives only the indication of the wall temperature which can be up to 20°C higher than the temperature in the center. To know the temperature in the center of the liquid, it is necessary to immerse a temperature probe. This device, with on-off action and NTC sensor allows you to measure this temperature in the center, and possibly use it to end the reheat process, or trigger an alarm.

Enclosure: IP69K, reinforced PA66, with polycarbonate window access. Sealable cover and window.

Wall mounting: Four removable and rotatable legs.

Electrical connection: On internal connection block.

Switching devices: Main power illuminated switch and safety fuse.

Controller: With very simple end-user interface. Change of set point is made

without password, with up and down keys.

Action: On-Off with adjustable differential.

Sensor input: NTC, R@25°C:10 Kohms (±1%), B@25/50°C: 3380 Kohms (±1%).

Power output: 16A 230V res. Relay, SPDT. Can be used to switch power or trigger alarm.

Display: 3 digits display in °C or °F of process temperature

Power supply: AC 220-230V 50-60Hz.

Accuracy: ±1°C (±2°F) or 0.3% ES± one digit.

Self-testing: Over-scale, under-scale, and open sensor circuit.

Ambient temperature: -10 to 60°C, 20 to 85% relative humidity, non-condensing.

Temperature display range: – 45 to +120°C (41 to 248°F)

Resolution: 0.1° within the -19.9° to 99.9° range, 1°C from 100 to 120°C.

Main references

Model with 500 mm long NTC temperature sensor, with power supply cord, 3 meters long 3×1.5mm², euro plug*  

Without temperature sensor, for use with other model of NTC temperature sensor, with power supply cord, 3 meters long 3×1.5mm², euro plug*


Y8WHQ0210100EAUQ Y8WHQ02101000AUQ

*UL plug: replace the last character Q by R


2D&3D Drawing