Type Y6TP: Wire end silicone boots, silicone gel improved waterproofing, for heat tracing


The sealing of the free end of the heating cables, in particular  constant power cables or self-regulating cables is simplified by these boots, which eliminates the use of RTV resins on field, which needs difficult cleaning along with long lifetime residue pollutants, or heat-shrinkable sleeves, which require a heating  equipment and which perfect seal is not always guaranteed.

These sleeves should simply be pushed on the cable ends. Then the silicone gel covers the entire cable and conductors located therein.

Main features

Boot material: UL 94-VO, black silicone (other colors on request). Temperature resistance 220 ° C.

Filling material: silicone gel filling 50% of the internal volume of the boot. Insulation resistance 1.1×1015 Ω·cm @500V. Temperature resistance -60 + 260°C.

Needle penetration (1/10mm): 70

Boot dimensions: The elasticity of the silicone, higher than 200%, allows it to fit the exact shape of the cable. We recommend selecting a cap that is 10 to 20% smaller than the cable section. (Manufacture of special dimensions possible, MOQ 1000 pieces)

NB: As new references are added regularly, ask for an updated list if you intend to use these products.

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2D&3D Drawing