Type Y3N3: Enclosure with window for immersion heaters, with extension. Body in PA66

Size (mm) : Dia. 130 x 180 x 120.

Volume (cm3): 2093.

Material : PA66 + PC.

Protection grade : IP69K, IK10.

Enclosure with window for immersion heaters, with extension.

Extension on the back for 1 “1/4, 1” 1/2 and M45x2 immersion heaters with double thread and internal nut, or single thread with rotating ring.

Front panel with hinged polycarbonate porthole.

Several models of removable internal terminal blocks are available (up to 12 channels, 2.5, 6 and 10mm²).

Several models of cable gland plate holder, with many possibilities, including for flat cables, from 1 to 4 outlets, up to M25.

Main references

B Avec D Sans D
0 Y3N35000000J100T Y3N350000000000T
0 Y3N35000120J100T Y3N350001200000T
0 Y3N35000125J100T Y3N350001250000T
0 Y3N350001T0J100T Y3N350001T00000T
0 Y3N350001T5J100T Y3N350001T50000T
20 Y3N35000220J100T Y3N350002200000T
25 Y3N35000225J100T Y3N350002250000T
M20*1.5 Y3N350002T0J100T Y3N350002T00000T
M25*1.5 Y3N350002T5J100T Y3N350002T50000T


2D&3D Drawing