Type: Y261 Heat tracing accessories

This box allows to connect, with a good IP66 ingress protection, 2 round or flat heating cable to a round power
cable or providing at the same time the continuity of the power line.
The built-in disc thermostat provides the anti-freeze function.
Terminal positions provide easy access, wiring is simple, including for braided heating cables.


                                                                                        Main features
Material: Polyamide 66 black, 90mm x 67mm x 36mm. Good UV resistance.
Thermostat: rating 16A 230V, open by temperature rise at 10°C +/-3°C, close at 4°C+/-3°C (Other temperatures
on request).
Waterproof grade: IP66.
Mounting: 2 removable wall mounting brackets, hole distance 96mm. Pipe mounting with cable tie also possible.
– Screw terminals with captive toothed square washers accepting bare conductors.
– Wire gauge: 3 x 1 mm² to 3 x 2.5mm².
– Maximum permissible intensity: 16A 250V.
Cable clamping: with M24 cable glands, with silicone gaskets.
– Maximum diameter of round cables: 8 or 10mm depending of gaskets used.
– Size limits of flat cable outputs: from 10 x 3 to 13 x 6mm.
(Comes with a set of different diameters).
Excellent cable retention by stainless steel saddles at the 3 ends.
Sealing: supplied with 5 red plastic ties for use in the sealing holes.
Easy assembly: Assembly is made with full access to terminals when cover is removed.

Reference: Y261SS06103004300


2D&3D Drawing