Type: Y25 3 ways connection block for heat tracing


This box allows to connect, with a good ingress protection (IP66), end-to-end, on field, a round or flat heating cable to a round power cable, and providing at the same time the continuity of the power line. An example of this type of connection is the feeding of heated drinking troughs in stables or breeding premises. The internal connection terminal block is in ceramic.

Main features

Material: Polyamide 66 black, 96mm x 85 mm. Good UV resistance.

Waterproof grade: IP66

Mounting: There is no specific mounting bracket on this model

Terminal block:

-High temperature ceramic with screw terminals with captive toothed square washers accepting bare conductors

– 3 conductors, from 0.5 to 2.5mm² on the A output

– 3 conductors, from 0.5 to 1 mm² on the B and C output

– Maximum permissible intensity: 16A 250V

Cable clamping: with M24 cable glands, with silicone gaskets

– Maximum diameter of round cables: 7,5mm on B and C output

– Size limits of flat cable on A output: from 10 x 3 to 13 x 6mm

(Comes with a set of different diameters).

Excellent cable retention at the 3 ends.

Easy assembly: it is possible to slide the ceramic terminal block out of the body to connect the cables outside of it.


2D&3D Drawing