Type Y1I8L & Y1G8L: Fixed setting manual reset bulb and capillary limiter



-Remote control in usual industrial applications and environments, not hazardous areas, for use as high limit safety.

– Sealed temperature set point

-Internal reset is convenient for products that must not be frequently reset.


Housing: Aluminum, IP65, IK10. Mounted on a SUS304 stainless steel wall mounting plate which keeps the temperature sensing element away from the wall. Grey RAL7032 epoxy painting. Stainless steel captive cover screws. Captive aluminum lid

Action:  Fail safe manual reset high temperature limit.

Set point calibration value:  80±8°C (176±15°F), 90±8°C (194±15°F), 110±8°C (230±15°F), 130±8°C (266±15°F), 150±8°C (302±15°F), 175±8°C (347±15°F), 220±11°C (428±20°F), 270±13°C (518±23°F), 300±15°C (572±27°F). Other calibration temperature on request, between 30°C and 320°C (85°F and 610°F)

Temperature adjustment:  Fixed setting, sealed, no access to user.

Sensing element: Liquid expansion bulb and capillary. The capillary is protected by a stainless steel corrugated pipe terminated by a silicone tip. A plastic cap plug provided as standard accessory allows locking the flexible metal conduit inside a pocket. (See pockets in the accessories section)

Electrical connections:  Inside, on screw terminal connection block. Possibility to connect two wires 1.5mm² on each terminal.

Pilot light: Allows to visualize limiter contact output position. Standard for all models with transparent window. Non-standard and on special request only for models with plain aluminum cover. (230V, 2 phase power supply, is mandatory for the pilot light)

Cable input and output: Two M20 cable glands, Black PA66.

Earthing: Internal and external screw terminal.

Cable output:  M16 cable gland, PA66, for cables up to 10 mm dia.

Mounting: Wall mounting, by 4 holes for screws dia. 4 to 5 mm, 94 x 92 mm distance.

Identification: Metallic identification label, riveted.  Set point calibration is printed in °C and °F beside the manual reset button.

Contact: Single pole, open on temperature rise (SPNC)

Electrical rating:  16A res. 250/400VAC

-Electrical life > 6.000 cycles.

Minimum storage temperature: -35°C (-30°F)

Maximum ambient temperature: 60°C (140°F)

For more technical information ask 8L  limiter technical data sheet (catalog 1)



2D&3D Drawing

Main references



°C (°F)

References with external adjustment References with internal adjustment Minimum resettable temperature °C (°F) Capillary length (C, mm) Bulb diameter

(D, mm)

Bulb length

(L, mm)

Max temperature on bulb

°C (°F)

80±8°C (176±15°F) Y1I8L0080105AO6D Y1G8L0080105AO6D 52°C (126°F) 1500 6 77 105°C (221°F)
90±8°C (194±15°F) Y1I8L0090115AO6D Y1G8L0090115AO6D 60°C (140°F) 1500 6 77 115°C (239°F)
110±8°C (230±15°F) Y1I8L0110135AO6D Y1G8L0110135AO6D 75°C (167°F) 1500 6 77 135°C (275°F)
130±8°C (266±15°F) Y1I8L0130155AO6D Y1G8L0130155AO6D 80°C (176°F) 1500 6 74 155°C (311°F)
150±8°C (302±15°F) Y1I8L0150175AO6D Y1G8L0150175AO6D 95°C (203°F) 1500 6 74 175°C (347°F)
175±8°C (347±15°F) Y1I8L0175200AO4D Y1G8L0175200AO4D 115°C (239°F) 1500 4 95 200°C (392°F)
220±11°C (428±20°F) Y1I8L0220245AO4D Y1G8L0220245AO4D 140°C (284°F) 1500 4 90 245°C (473°F)
270±13°C (518±23°F) Y1I8L0270295AO4D Y1G8L0270295AO4D 160°C (320°F) 1500 4 85 295°C (563°F)
300±15°C (572±27°F) Y1I8L0300325AO4D Y1G8L0300325AO4D 160°C (320°F) 1500 4 82 325°C (617°F)