Type Y0D8 & Y0D9: “Pigtail” bulb room thermostat, with built-in pilot light and 2 or 3 M20 cable glands



Ambient temperature control in professional premises where good protection against liquid splashes or dust is requested.

Output with 2 or 3 cable glands, allowing direct connection of heat tracing cables for freeze protection.


Main features

Housing: Reduced height, IP44, black PC-ABS fiberglass reinforced, UL94V0. High impact and UV resistance. 2 removable wall mounting lugs.

Cable input: M20 cable glands. Delivered with 2 or 3 cable glands. Special cable glands for oblong or flat heat tracing cables are available on request. Positioning the cable glands allows variations in the mounting position.

Set point adjustment: By °C printed knob for external adjustment models, by screw driver and printed dial on internal adjustment models. °F values available as an option. 

Sensing element: Liquid filled “pigtail” bulb, mounted on the side of plastic housing

Adjustment ranges: 4-40°C (40-105°F).

Electrical connections:  On screw terminals. (It is possible to connect 2 wires 1.5mm² on each terminal). One main terminal and 3 auxiliary terminals are available for neutral connection. This allows, for example, connecting two trace heaters.

Mounting: Wall mounting, by two side lugs with holes for dia. 4mm screws, 69 mm distance.

Contact: SPNC (open on temperature rise).

Pilot light: Neon, 230V, standard in red, parallel connection on the load

Electrical rating, resistive loads:

16A 250V, 50 ~60Hz: >100000 cycles,

20A 250V, 50 ~60Hz: ≥ 50000 cycles,

10A 400V, 50 ~60Hz: ≥ 50000 cycles.

Electrical rating, inductive loads:

6A 250V, 50 ~60Hz: >100000 cycles

Minimum storage temperature: -35°C (-30°F)

Maximum ambient temperature: 60°C (140°F)

For more technical information see 8G thermostat technical data sheet


Main references with 3 cable glands*

Temperature ranges °C (°F)

Internal adjustment External adjustment Differential Max temperature on bulb 
4-40 (40-105) Y0D8LD104040QB3J Y0D9LD104040QB3J 1±0.5°C (1,8±1°F)

60°C (140°F)

*2 cable gland version: replace LD by KD in the reference  

°F printing: replace last character (J) by K



2D&3D Drawing