Type Y09: Combination of adjustable set point thermostat and manual reset high limit, IP54 commercial housing, capillary output

Main applications:

Control sub assembly designed to be used directly on standard immersion heaters, power up to 3500W, 230V, single phase.

Housing: IP54, 105 x 88 x 58.5 mm, (Cap, accessories and cable gland not included), black PC-ABS, UL94V0. High impact and UV resistance.

Product including an adjustable temperature control thermostat and a fixed setting high limit manual reset thermostat. Manual reset has access from outside, by removing a cap.

Electrical input: Two M20 cable glands.

Temperature Adjustment: Inside, with °C printed knob. (°F printed knobs available in option)

Sensing elements: Liquid filled bulbs, dia. 6mm, with output on side of housing, for distance measurement.

Adjustment ranges: 0-60°C (32-140°F) ;  30-90°C (85-195°F) ; 30-110°C (90-230°F)

Capillary lengths (C): 900 mm

Electrical connections:  screw terminals

Mounting: With 2 wall mounting tabs, for M4 screws, 62 mm distance

Control thermostat contact: SPDT

Open on temperature rise contact (C-1) 16A(2.6) 250VAC

-Close on temperature rise contact (C-2) 6A(0.6) 250VAC

-Electrical life >100.000 cycles.

Manual reset thermostat contact: Fail safe, open by temperature rise; 16A (2,6) 250V alt.


-Power supply “energized” pilot light (Neutral is mandatory, and thermostat contact is open on rise only, not SPDT) Other pilot light wirings are possible on request.

-Liftable adjustable high end adjustment on control thermostat.

– Outside access to the control thermostat adjustment (By removing a 40mm dia cap)

Main references

Temperature ranges

°C (°F)

Manual reset calibration

°C (°F)

Cap access manual reset Cap access manual reset, liftable adjustable high stop Cap access manual reset, liftable adjustable high stop, pilot light (230V) Differential

°C (°F)

Max temperature on bulbs

°C (°F)



80°C (176°F) Y09MS00060A09080 Y09ME00060A09080 Y09NE00060C09080 4±3 (7±5.5°F) 90 (195°F)


110°C (230°F) Y09MS30090A09110 Y09ME30090A09110 Y09NE30090C09110 4±3 (7±5.5°F) 120 (250°F)


130°C (266°F) Y09MS30110A09130 Y09ME30110A09130 Y09NE30110C09130 5±3 (9±7°F) 150 (300°F)




2D&3D Drawing