Type R1B:Paddle flow switches,3/4" BSPP union nut

Main uses: Water flow detection on water pipes

Functional principle: Balanced paddle, perpendicular to the main flow, actuating a micro- switch. Flexible elastomeric gasket between paddle and electric switch

Main housing material: PPO, fiber glass reinforced, usable with potable water.

Paddle material: Polypropylene, resistant to ozone and water disinfection products

Paddle gasket: Santoprene,  resistant to ozone and water disinfection products

Electrical rating: 5A resistive, 230V AC

Electric contact type: SPDT, open or close by flow rise

Liquids compatibility: For use with clean water and liquids without chemical incompatibility with  PPO and Santoprene

Nominal pressure at 20°C: 1MPa (PN10)

Nominal diameter: Can be used on 20 to 63 mm internal diameter pipes

The paddle is cleavable and can be cut at various lengths upon pipe diameter. There are cutting lines numbered 1 to 9 every 5mm.

Recommended mounting position: Vertical, with paddle downside. Other positions are possible with a change in the calibration value related to the paddle weight. .

Water pipe connection: Supplied with a fiber glass reinforced PA66 G3/4″(BSPP) union nut and NBR gasket. Must be used on a BSPP3/4 male fitting perpendicular to the main pipe.

Recommended torque: 7Nm.

Version for snap-in mounting (see accessories) has no nut


Main references


Cable length

500mm 1m


Type A cleavable paddle, 3/4″ nut

R1BH05073M33N050 R1BH05073M33N100 R1BH05073M33N200
Type A cleavable paddle, snap-in mounting R1BH05073S13N050 R1BH05073S13N100


Type B non-cleavable paddle for DN15 x ¾ Tee, 3/4″ nut







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