Type Q7B: Wall mounting miniature humidistat


Main Application: This humidistat is designed for indoor application to switch on a heater or a ventilating fan It can also be used to switch on humidifiers, dehumidifiers, or other devices. It must be vertically wall mounted in a ventilated area.

Humidity sensing element: hygroscopic polymer film with special treatment, produced by Ultimheat, ensuring a fast response, long life and high stability

Setting range: 35 to 95% RH

Measuring accuracy: ±5% RH

Differential at 50% RH: 8% RH (±3% RH )

Measuring medium: air, pressure-less, non-aggressive

Electrical contact: silver contacts, SPDT, 5A 250V

Connection: 3 screw terminals for 1.5mm² wires, max torque 0.5Nm

Mounting: wall mounting, with 2 screws dia 4 mm max, distance 31 x51 mm

Operating temperature: 0 to+60°C (+32 to +140F)

Storage temperature: -20 to +70°C (-4 to +158F)

Mounting position: vertical

Voltage supply: the humidistat should be mounted such that there is no buildup of condensate on or in the device. If the voltage supply is higher than 48V there is a risk of voltage arcing in the event of water condensation on the micro-switch or connecting terminals which might destroy the control.

Ingress protection class: IP30

Dimension: 67x50x29mm

Maintenance: The humidity sensing ribbon is maintenance-free in clean air.

Air containing solvent can cause measuring errors and failure, depending on the type and concentration. Deposits such as resin aerosols, lacquer aerosols, smokes, which eventually form a water-repellent film are harmful for the measuring element.




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