Type Q4: Room humidistat and thermostat combination, wall mounting, for swimming pools areas and air conditioning


Main Application: This device is a combination of a humidistat and a room thermostat. It is especially suited for use in air conditioning control of indoor swimming-pool halls. His aesthetics and small size housing (122x70x31mm) allows mounting in most of these applications, but must be protected from splashing water, and used only in ambient air free of chemical contamination or corrosive ingredients.

It is designed to turn on heating or cooling, ventilation, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and heat pumps. It must be vertically wall mounted in a naturally ventilated area

Humidity sensing element: hygroscopic polymer film with special treatment, produced by Ultimheat, ensuring a fast response, long life and high stability

Humidity setting range: 35 to 95% RH

Humidity measuring accuracy: ±5% RH

Differential at 50% RH: 8% RH (±3% RH )

Measuring medium: air, pressure-less, non-aggressive

Electrical contact: silver contacts, SPDT, 5A 250V, res. For use in humidifier, dehumidifier or ventilation control.

Maintenance: The humidity sensing ribbon is maintenance-free in clean air. Air containing solvent can cause measuring errors and failure, depending on the type and concentration. Deposits such as resin aerosols, lacquer aerosols, smokes, which eventually form a water-repellent film are harmful for the measuring element.

Temperature measuring element: Bimetal strip

Temperature adjustment range: 5-35°C

Differential: 0.6+/-0.3°C

Electrical contact: silver contacts, SPDT, 5A 250V, res. For use in heating or cooling applications


  • On Off switch
  • Thermal anticipator, that provides thermal differential reduction (Needs Neutral+ Line power supply, 230 or 24V)
  • Remote set point reduction (Needs Neutral+ Line power supply, 230 or 24V)
  • Temperature printings in °F

Connection: screw terminal connection block for 1.5mm² wires, max torque 0.5Nm

Mounting: wall mounting, with 2 screws dia 4 mm max, distance 100 x 50mm. These units must be installed by a professional, according to the wiring diagram inside the housing cover. The existing safety regulations and local standards must be observed.

Operating temperature: 0 to+60°C (+32 to +140F)

Storage temperature: -20 to +70°C (-4 to +158F)

Mounting position: vertical

Voltage supply: the device should be mounted such that there is no buildup of condensate on or in the device. If the voltage supply is higher than 48V there is a risk of voltage arcing in the event of water condensation on the micro-switch or connecting terminals which might destroy the control.

If there is risks that relative humidity exceeds 95%, or any risk of condensation, do not use this device on voltage higher than 24V

Housing: ABS-PC plastic, 122x70x31mm

Ingress protection class: IP30



On off switch Thermal anticipation(230V)**

Remote temperature set point
reduction (230V)**


No No No
Q4E35C95HI001V00* Yes No



No Yes No
Q4G35C95HI001V23 Yes Yes



No No Yes
Q4J35C95HI001V23 Yes No


*Standard product

**24VAC on request, (replace 23 at end of the references by 02)

Wiring diagram

No anticipator and no On-Off switch

On-Off switch, without anticipator

230V anticipator and On-Off switch

230V remote temperature reducer and On-Off switch


2D&3D Drawing