Type: MA1, snap action contact pressure switch, field adjustable, SPDT contact


Uses: High electrical rating, for 250V.

Main applications: Pressure sensing on water heaters, boilers, spas and swimming pool heaters and filters, electrical appliances used outside.

Membrane: EPDM, dia 45 mm. Silicone or NBR on request.

Fluid: water or air.

Fitting: Brass (stainless steel on request).

Pressure: positive.

Housing: PA66, UL94 VO, IP65, PG11 cable gland.

Contact: SPDT, snap action. NO or NC contacts available with MOQ.

Electrical rating: Depends on micro-switch operating force that is linked to the electrical rating.

– Standard rating micro-switch (medium and high pressure calibration only): 16A 125/250VAC;1/2HP 125VAC; 3/4HP 250VAC.

– High rating micro-switch (medium and high pressure calibration only): 2HP 240V, 21(8) A 240V (UL, CSA VDE switch).

– Low force micro-switch (set points less than150 mbar): 1/4HP 6(1) A 240V ( UL, CSA VDE switch).

– On request: up to 25A 250V.

Action: momentary.

Set point calibration: Field adjustable with knob.

Adjustment ranges (mbar): 25-100 (code 010) ; 50-400 (code 040) ; 100-800 (code 080) ; 200-1500 (code 150).

Electrical connection: screw terminals.

Maximum pressure: 6 bars (87 PSI).

Ambient temperature limits: 0 to 85°C.


Available pressure inlet fittings


2D&3D Drawing

References ( SPDT contact, brass fitting, adjustment range 50 to 400 mbar ):

Pressure inlet Standard rating micro- switch Low pressure micro-switch High rating micro-switch
1/8″ NPT MA10U145H040DE00 MA10U540H040DE00 MA10U647H040DE00
1/8″ BSPT MA10U145L040DE00 MA10U540L040DE00 MA10U647L040DE00
1/8″ BSPP MA10U145D040DE00 MA10U540D040DE00 MA10U647D040DE00
1/4″ NPT MA10U145K040DE00 MA10U540K040DE00 MA10U647K040DE00
1/4″ BSPT MA10U1452040DE00 MA10U5402040DE00 MA10U6472040DE00
1/4″ BSPP MA10U1453040DE00 MA10U5403040DE00 MA10U6473040DE00
Smooth spout dia 4mm MA10U145E040DE00 MA10U540E040DE00 MA10U647E040DE00
Spout dia 6mm MA10U145F040DE00 MA10U540F040DE00 MA10U647F040DE00
Fluted spout dia 6mm MA10U145G040DE00 MA10U540G040DE00 MA10U647G040DE00
Barbed spout dia 10mm MA10U145J040DE00 MA10U540J040DE00 MA10U647J040DE00

Other set point values: replace 040 in the product reference by 015, 080 or 150.