Type DW:Bottom mounting, micro switch contact, EPS foam float, Appliances flooding detection


Use: 250 VAC circuits

Main applications: overflow, leaks or flooding detection on electrical appliances, washing machines, electrical equipment and cabinets protection

Float material: EPS foam

Frame material: stainless steel

Mounting: Mounting on the bottom side of the device.

Detection will occur when the liquid level is greater than 8 mm. It is therefore necessary that this bottom is shaped in a bowl form admitting at least 8mm of water level before the water can flow out.The micro-switch must be protected against falling water and must stay away from water level

Contact configuration: SPDT snap action micro-switch

Rating: 1/4HP, 6(1) A 240V ( UL, CSA VDE switch)

Contact resistance: 50mOhms maxi

Electrical connection: three 6.35 x 0.8 mm quick connect terminals (to be incorporated inside appropriate ingress protected equipment)

Liquid limits: to be used with clean liquids chemically compatible with polystyrene and stainless steel, specific gravity higher than 0.9, dynamic viscosity higher than 0.5×10-4 Pa.s and lower than 10-2 Pa.s.

Ambient temperature: 0+65°C

Maximum pressure: atmospheric





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