Type DT: Horizontal mounting, reed switch contact, PBT stem, hollow PBT float, cable output,½”BSPP thread


Use: low voltage circuits

Main applications: steam generators, coffee machines, vending machines, air conditioning pumps, dehumidifiers, tanks. The side mounting allows to adjust the level on big size tanks.

Stem material: PBT

Float material: hollow PBT

Mounting: horizontal on ½”BSPP female fitting (flat NBR gasket supplied)

Contact configuration: It opens when the float touch the stem. Two positions are possible:

-The float is on the top of the stem: contact is normally open

(the float touch the stem when there is no liquid), and will close when the level rises and the float goes up

-The float is pending downside under the stem: contact is normally closed (the float does not touch the stem) and will open when the level rises and the float goes up and touch the stem.

Electrical rating:

Low voltage type: maximum power 10 W (VA), max 0.5Amp, max voltage 110VAC.

230VAC type: max power 40 W (VA), max 1Amp Values for resistive circuit. For inductive or capacitive loads, a contact protection circuit must be used.

Contact resistance: 150mOhms maxi ( wires not included)

Wires: AWG24 cable, UL style 2464, PVC insulated, length 100, 500, 1000 or 2000 mm

Liquid limits: to be used with liquids chemically compatible with PBT, specific gravity higher than 0.9, dynamic viscosity higher than 0.5×10-4 Pa.s and lower than 10-2 Pa.s, without magnetic particles.

Ambient temperature: -20+80°C

Maximum pressure: 1 bar (15 PSI)

Options: other cable length, electrical rating 70W, 1A, 250VAC



Electrical Rating

Cable 100 mm Cable 500 mm Cable 1000 mm

Cable 2000 mm


(max 110VAC)

DTR0P207618G1050 DTR0P207617E5050 DTR0P207618EA050



(max 230VAC)

DTR4P207618G1050 DTR4P207617E5050 DTR4P207618EA050



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