Type: DMF4 Miniature vertical level switch with waterproof connection box and 16A 230V SPDT built-in relay

Main applications: Water level control in vending machines, pumps, dehumidifiers, aquariums, swimming pool skimmers, electrochemical surface treatment tanks. The built-in 16 230V power relay allows the direct control of 230V equipment. The pilot light displays the output contact position.

Stem: Vertical, polypropylene.

Float material: Hollow polypropylene.

Mounting: Vertical, fixing with the 2 hole bracket of the connection box.

Contact configuration: Normally closed when float is down on the stem. It opens when float goes up to the connection box side.

Rating: 16A 250V, resistive load, 100.000 cycles. SPDT. Use in inductive circuits is possible, at reduced amps. Electronic circuit must be connected to 230V power supply, neutral and line.

Pilot light: red neon, 230V, connected to the relay contact output.

Connection box:  Black PA66 box, 70x33x35mm, IP69K, with 2.5mm² 5 way screw terminals, wire outputs by M16 cable gland.

Mounting: By bracket with 2 holes dia. 4.2 mm, 42 mm distance.

Liquid limits: To be used with liquids chemically compatible with polypropylene, dynamic viscosity higher 0.5×10-4 Pa.s and lower than 10-2 Pa.s, specific gravity higher than 0.9, without magnetic particles.

Ambient temperature: -20+80°C

Options: Connector instead of cable gland, slosh shield for use in turbulent water applications; level switch body in black polypropylene.

This box with relay board and pilot light can be connected to most of vertical float level switches. Contact us for your particular applications.



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