Type DM:Vertical mounting, reed switch contact, polypropylene stem, dia. 20 x16.4 mm EPS foam float, cable output, side mounting bracket


Use: low voltage circuits

Main applications: vending machines, air conditioning pumps, dehumidifiers. Small diameter float for reduced space applications. EPS foam float avoid float leaks, but reduces the maximum liquid temperature

Stem material: polypropylene

Float material: EPS foam with skin effect surface to avoid water absorption

Mounting: vertical, side mounting bracket allows to screw it on the tank side, with 1 to 3 M3 screws

Contact configuration: normally closed when float is down on the stem. It opens when float goes up to the wiring side. Upsetting the float changes the contact configuration into normally open

Electrical rating:

Low voltage type: maximum power 10 W (VA), max 0.5Amp, max voltage 110VAC.

230VAC type: max power 40 W (VA), max 1Amp Values for resistive circuit. For inductive or capacitive loads, a contact protection circuit must be used.

Contact resistance: 150mOhms maxi ( wires not included)

Wires: AWG24 cable, UL style 2464, PVC insulated, length 100, 500, 1000 or 2000 mm

Liquid limits: to be used with liquids chemically compatible with polypropylene and polystyrene, specific gravity higher than 0.9, dynamic viscosity higher than 0.5×10-4 Pa.s and lower than 10-2 Pa.s, without magnetic particles.

Ambient temperature: -20+65°C

Maximum pressure: 1 bar (15 PSI)

Options: Slosh shield for use in turbulence applications, other cable length, electrical rating 70W, 1A, 250VAC



Electrical Rating

Cable 100 mm Cable 500 mm Cable 1000 mm

Cable 2000 mm


(max 110VAC)

DMF038H3320S1050 DMF038H3320S5050 DMF038H3320SA050



(max 230VAC)

DMF038H3320S1050 DMF038H3320S5050 DMF038H3320SA050




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