Type BU: Protected against accidental electric contact, brass terminals, nickel plated steel screws.

Applications: These high-quality terminal blocks allow efficient and easy wiring of halogen lamps, heating elements, infrared heaters, quartz tube heaters, as well as for the wiring of ovens, ovens, and professional catering and cooking equipment. Thanks to their construction, they are non-flammable and resistant to temperature and humidity without losing their electrical and insulating characteristics.

They are built according to the specifications of IEC 60998-1 and IEC 60998-2, for a maximum voltage of 450V.

Ceramic: Steatite type C221, unglazed, slightly creamy color.

Typical insulation resistance between two terminals (500V measuring voltage):

at 20°C (70°F): 300 MΩ

at 100°C (212°F): 250 MΩ

at 200°C (390°F): 200 MΩ

at 300°C (570°F): 190 MΩ

at 400°C (750°F): 190 MΩ

The insulation values ​​with respect to the earth are approximately 2 times greater. The EN 60998 standard imposes an insulation resistance greater than 5 MΩ. Their insulating characteristics are therefore about 20 to 40 times higher, including at 400°C (750°F).

Dielectric strength: higher than 4500V. Minimum insulation distance through ceramic between 2 terminals: 2mm

Screws: Galvanized steel 4.8, reduced diameter slotted cylindrical head, according to DIN 920

Terminals: CuZn40Pb2 brass, high mechanical strength. Models with nickel plated brass terminals are available on request (MOQ apply)

Maximum operating voltage: 450V, in pollution class 3. (Pollution class 3 defines micro-environmental conditions causing conductive pollution or non-conductive pollution that may become conductive if condensation can occurs).

Insulation distances: Greater than 4mm between mounting face and terminals, between terminals, and between two connection blocks mounted side

by side.

Live parts: Protected against accidental electrical contact (Standard Finger Type A according to IEC 61032).

Mounting: With the exception of the single-wire terminals, the terminal blocks have one or two holes for installing them with a screw on a wall or a board. A hexagonal recess makes it possible to place a round-headed or hexagonal-headed screw, or a nut. This allows mounting with clamping by the front or the back.

Maximum ambient temperature:

– Permanent: 230°C / 450°F

– Peak (duration <90 minutes): 450°C / 840°F

The temperature resistance values of the brass connector ​​were validated by pull tests of the wires according to EN 60998, carried out after 48H at 230°C (450°F) or 90 minutes at 450°C (840°F). Applicable standards: (IEC) EN 60998-1; (IEC) EN 60998-2-1 Attention: Special care must be taken to avoid reducing the insulation and safety distances from electric shock during installation: avoid the use of inappropriate mounting screws, respect wire stripping lengths and insert wires inside the terminal until the insulation comes into contact with the brass.


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