Type BM: Terminal blocks in ceramic for 3 phases asynchronous electrical motors 450V range Brass or zinc plated steel terminals


Main features

Material: Steatite C221(This high-quality ceramic does not require glazing)

Voltage: 450V

Terminals and screws: zinc-plated steel or brass

Shunts: Brass

Insulation distances: > 3mm on backside

Walls of terminal dividers: height 4mm, thickness 5mm

Temperature resistance: 240°C (460°F) continuous, 400°C (750°F) 2 hours peak).

Marking: U1, V1, W1 and U2, V2, W2 (according to IEC 60034-8)

Recommended tightening torques for nuts:

M4: 1.2N.m; M5: 2.5N.m; M6: 3.5N.m; M8: 7N.m

Applicable Standards: IEC 60034-8 and NFC 51-120


2D&3D Drawing