Type BCC: Protected against accidental electric contact, indirect pressure clamping by saddle, with steatite protection cover SPECIAL MODEL FOR FIRE RESISTANT CABLES


Flexible mineral-insulated cables are designed to provide optimum fire resistance. They generally use mica-based insulation and special silicones, and they are designed to give the ultimate fire performance. Used in power and control circuits, they are providing circuit integrity during a 15 to 180 minutes fire depending of models. They usually have a continuous operating temperature up to 200°C (390°F). They are used in places where it is important to have an interrupted power supply in case of fire. These applications are found in railway stations and underground rail systems, road and rail tunnels, airports, public lighting, car parks, public service buildings, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, hotels, theatres, churches, power distribution and sub circuits, fire alarms and emergency, lifts and escalators lighting. They also have some applications in high temperature situations like foundries, power stations, boiler houses, iron and steel industries, marine and ship buildings, offshore installations.

These terminal blocks provide an economical solution for fire-resistant connection of mineral-insulated flexible cables with an outside diameter of less than 8.5mm and greater than 3.7mm. In sections 1.5mm² and 2.5mm² two cables can be connected to the same terminal. Only one can be connected in 4mm² and 6mm²

– They don’t require special termination of the cable, but simply the stripping of the conductor on 8 to 10mm.

– They can be used inside buildings, under pollution conditions 3

– They provide protection against accidental electrical contact.

– They ensure the integrity of the electrical circuit for 3 hours at 950°C (1740°F).

– With and ingress protection class IP31, they are not intended for outdoor connections, or in areas where there is a risk of falling or splashing water or liquids.

-They are not usable in explosive areas.

Their other specs are the same than models BCA

*: Ampacity limited to 32A as a result of the self-heating of the stainless-steel terminal by Joule effect


2D&3D Drawing