Type 9V4: Base heater for 55 gallons metal drum

Main Features

These heaters are used to heat the 200-220 liters (55 US gallons, 45 Imperial Gallons) drums and their lower size versions. Completely made of 304 stainless steel, 1.2 and 2mm thick, resistant to high pressure hot water jet washing, they can withstand industrial environment, food and chemical applications. They are not usable in explosive areas. The drum simply needs to be put on these pedestals. The surface load of the heating element is limited to a safe value of 0.5W/cm² and the surface temperature is limited to 150°C. They can be used alone in reheating, with or without insulating jacket, or in addition to jacket heaters or heating belts, and in the latter case, they greatly reduce the heating time. As for all heaters for containers and tanks, it is mandatory to keep a connection to atmospheric pressure to avoid an internal overpressure which could burst the barrel. They come standard with 3 x1mm² rubber insulated cable, for industrial applications.

Heating surface: 3.5mm thick silicone flat element vulcanized under the upper surface and

covering the entire 600mm diameter surface. This technique provides a uniform temperature.

Base: 304 stainless steel, 600mm diameter, height 70mm, TIG welded.

Control box: 56 mm x 63 mm, height 100 mm in PA66 reinforced fiberglass, with waterproof and sealable window. This control box is protected from violent shocks by a stainless-steel envelope. It has a handle for easy handling.

Ingress protection class: IP69K

Temperature control: By bulb and capillary thermostat with 10-150°C adjustment range. Other temperature ranges 4-40°C, (39-104°F) 30-90°C (86-,194°F) 30-110°C (86-230°F) are available in option. Access to the thermostat setting is possible opening the window.

Cable gland: M20 in PA66.

Connection cable: Rubber insulated, for industrial environments, 3 x 1mm², length 3m, with Euro plug or UL plug.

Surface load: 0.5 W/cm²

Supply voltage: 230V (110V on request)

Standard equipment: Green and red pilot lights, indicating power on and operation of the heater

Accessories: Insulating Jackets

Standards: Built in accordance with applicable European standards (CE marking)

Instructions for use: Observe the instruction manual enclosed with the device.

Main part numbers (°C printed knob) *

With 10-150°C (50-300°F), thermostat with 3 meters cord with Euro plug With 10-150°C (50-300°F), thermostat with 3 meters cord with UL plug
9V46004A0088C3E 9V46004A0088C3U

* °F printed knob: replace C by F in the part number


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