Type 9V3:Insulation jackets with heat exchanger tubular circuit (heating or cooling)

Main Features

These insulating jackets with tubular exchanger circuit can maintain temperature, protect form frost, heat or cool containers. On their surface in contact with the container, is built a network of flexible silicone tubes in which the heating or cooling fluid can circulate. They are to be connected to an external power source: electric heater, central heating circuit, heat pump, boiler, solar heating, cooling circuit. The maximum allowable pressure is 0.15MPa at 100°C, and the maximum temperature they can withstand is 120°C. The heat transfer fluid is connected to two valves equipped with automatic air traps. We recommend the use of a flow sensor because the compression of the internal tubes by too tight tightening of the straps can restrict or even stop the circulation of heat transfer fluid.

Option: version with R36 flow switch, ¾″ thread, 1A breaking capacity. This model has a pressure relief valve set at 0.2MPa


2D&3D Drawing