Type 9V2C: Insulation lids (without heating), with or without orifices for stirrers and temperature sensors

Main Features

These insulating lids make it possible to limit the heat losses of the containers to the outside as much as possible, and thus either to reduce the power required to protect them against frost or to heat them with an equal power and significantly reduce the heating time required for reach the desired temperature.

They use the same PA66 fabric with PU sealing layer, and the same insulating foam as the jacket heaters. They are made in 20mm thickness only.

Insulating lids for circular containers are designed to be held in place by the jacket heater scarf, which must be closed over them.

These lids are available in two versions: with or without a hole at the same place than the filling cap of the container.

This hole can be used for filling, or for accessories like temperature sensor, stirrer or additional immersion heater.

The heating lids for bulk containers of 1000 liters (IBC) includes a skirt which covers the upper part of the heating mantle on 200mm, in order to limit the heat losses at this level as much as possible.

Options: other position and diameter for the filling hole


2D&3D Drawing