Type 9SX: Finned tubular heaters, for incorporation


These U shape finned sheathed heaters, designed for professional OEM are crimped on a light stainless steel flange, and are easy to integrate through metal wall. They have an exceptional insulation resistance and outstanding humidity resistance. They are designed for heating of air by natural convection or fan.

Main Features

Heating element material: 8mm dia. 304L stainless steel sheath. Optional: SS 201, 316, 321, or Incolloy 800.
Fins size: 25×50 mm, 25 mm distance between tube axis.
Fins material: SS304 (Zinc plated steel fins on request, MOQ apply)
Connection: M4 stainless steel terminal screws with stainless steel M4 nuts and stainless washer, ceramic bead output.
Fittings: crimped, M14x1mm thread, in 304SS, with nickel plated brass nuts and fiber gaskets. Waterproof version with TIG welded fittings or economical version with nickel plated steel fittings are available on request ( (MOQ apply)
Insulation resistance: > 3 GOhms (new), and > 1 GOhms (after following climatic test):
1000 hours at 100°C followed by 1000 hours at 60°C and 95% relative humidity, followed by 90 cycles of one hour from -20°C to +70°C, followed by 240 hours at -30°C.
Dielectric strength: > 1800 volts, 0.2mA (100% tested in production) and after climatic tests carried out by sampling.
Surface load:
For safe use, we recommend a maximum surface load of 3 W/cm ² (19.5 W/in²) for applications in natural convection (heating element surface temperature ~ 300°C), and 4.5 W/cm² (30W / in²) for applications in fan heating (heating element surface temperature ~ 300°C for an air velocity ~ 2.5m/s).
See in the last section of this catalog tables providing surface temperatures and air temperature vs load with and without fans
Voltage: 230V. Other values ​​on request
Tolerances on power: +5 / -10%
Options: other surface load, other lengths, metal or plastic junction box, wall mounting legs, nickel or zinc plated fins, or SS201 fins


2D&3D Drawing

Main references.

3W/cm² (19.5W/in²)

4.5W/cm² (30W/in²)


Lenght L

Power (W)


Lenght L (mm)

Power (W)


175 210 9SXC175A233103C3 175



300 400 9SXC300A236003C3 300 600


415 550 9SXC415A238503C3 410



500 700 9SXC500A23A053C3 500



750 1070 9SXC750A23A603C3 750


9SXCA00A23A503C3 1000 1500 9SXCA00A23B203C3 1000