Type: 9SWM. Extra short Immersion heater with 130mm x 130mm x 190mm plastic enclosure.

M77x2 or 2″1/2 fittings. With control thermostat. With or without manual reset thermostat. Power up to 9 kW with one built-in power relay. Coiled Heating elements dia. 8mm.

Main applications: Industrial liquid heating, hot water circuits, containers and buffer tanks, in applications where the heating elements immersed length must be as short as possible.

They can be fitted with one or two. They have in standard one 32A res relay, 3 pole, two pilot lights and one main switch.

They are intended for indoor use.

These enclosures have a 40mm offset to go through tank thermal insulation.

– 5 standard power levels: 1,5 kW; 3 kW; 4,5 kW; 6 kW; 9kW. On request, it is possible to reach 21kW by increasing the L length)

– 2 types of standard fittings: 2″1/2; M77x2.

– 2 types of surface load density: 5W/cm² and 10W/cm². See technical introduction to optimize the surface load.

Heater tube material: 8mm dia. AISI 304 or Incolloy 800 (AISI 316; AISI 321; Incolloy 825 on request).

Fitting material: brass, swiveling on housing, brazed on tubes. Supplied without gasket and without nut. See accessories below.

Thread: 2″1/2, or M77x2

Enclosure: 130 mm x 130 mm, 150mm height, black PA66 fiberglass reinforced. Silicone foam gasket. Stainless steel cover screws with locking nuts

Ingress protection class: Water and dust: IP54; shock resistance: IK 8 (with metal cable glands and M25 metal plug).

Temperature control: by 30-90°C (85-195°F) bulb and capillary thermostat, with outside knob access. Thermostat shaft has a waterproof gasket. Other temperature ranges available. See options hereunder.

Cable gland: M25, PA66. Mounted on a removable board for easier wiring access. A second hole for M25 cable gland is available, closed by a screwed cap.

Thermowell: two thermowells in AISI304, dia.10 mm x 8.4mm .

Heating elements connections: terminals with stainless steel screw, nut and stainless steel washer.

Three-phase models are equipped with straps for switching to single-phase supply. This change must be made by the professional technical staff able to calculate and observe the maximum permissible rating on power relay.

Power supply connection: on built in connection block, 6x10mm² for power connection and 2×2.5mm² for remote safety device or remote control.

Not heating immersed zone: 50mm.

Surface load: standard 5 W/cm² or 10 W/cm², other values on request.

Voltage: Single pole 230V or three phase 380-400V (Star connection with neutral).

Standard equipment:

– Thermostat with outside knob

Main power switch.

– Large size (dia. 16mm) green and red LED pilot lights.

– On models with manual reset:  reset access by M25 screwed cap, preset at 100°C (212°F).

Variants on request:

– Thermostat adjustment access under the screwed M25 cap.

-Thermostat without limiter, ranges 4-40°C (40-105°F), 0-60°C (30-140°F) or 30-110°C (85-230°F) Higher range on request.

– 4-40°C (40-105°F) temperature range with manual reset at 60°C (140°F)

– 0-60°C (32-140°F) temperature range with manual reset at 80°C (176°F)

– 30-110°C (85-230°F) temperature range with manual reset at130°C (266°F)

-Thermal cut out (TCO) located inside immersion heater pocket.

– 400V power supply without neutral: consult us



Electric Wiring


2D&3D Drawing

Main references

With 30-90°C (85-195°F) thermostat, external knob **, without manual reset. M77x2 fitting*

  5W/cm² 10W/cm²
  1 heating element 2 heating elements 3 heating elements 1 heating element 2 heating elements 3 heating elements
L (mm) 110 188 265 110 188 265
Power (Watt) 1500 3000 4500 3000 6000 9000
References, AISI 304 9SWMA8QT01525110 9SWMA8QT030B5190 9SWMA8QT045U5270 9SWMA8QT03025110 9SWMA8QT060B5190 9SWMA8QT090U5270
References, Incolloy 800 9SWMA8QT01527110 9SWMA8QT030B7190 9SWMA8QT045U7270 9SWMA8QT03027110 9SWMA8QT060B7190 9SWMA8QT090U7270


With 30-90°C (85-195°F) adjustable thermostat, external knob**, M77x2 fitting*,  Manual reset at 100°C (212°F)

  5W/cm² 10W/cm²
  1 heating element 2 heating elements 3 heating elements 1 heating element 2 heating elements 3 heating elements
L (mm) 110 188 265 110 188 265
Power (Watt) 1500 3000 4500 3000 6000 9000
References, AISI 304 9SWMA8QT0152511N 9SWMA8QT030B519N 9SWMA8QT045U527N 9SWMA8QT0302511N 9SWMA8QT060B519N 9SWMA8QT090U527N
References, Incolloy 800 9SWMA8QT0152711N 9SWMA8QT030B719N 9SWMA8QT045U727N 9SWMA8QT0302711N 9SWMA8QT060B719N 9SWMA8QT090U727N

* 2″1/2 brass fitting instead of M77x2, replace A8 by A7 in the reference.

** Option with thermostat inside set point adjustment, replace QT by QR in the reference.

References of accessories in option (Not included in the product, must be ordered separately):



Other accessories and drawings: see last section of this catalogue.