Type 9SUB31: Standard liquids heaters, 76mm diameter, length 313mm, helicoil tubular heaters, 1” fittings
Type 9SUB31
Diameter (mm) 76
Tank length (mm) 313
Mounting Vertical or horizontal
Tubular heaters Qty 3
Maximum power 4.8kW (3×1.6 kW, 5W/cm²)
9.6kW (3×3.2kW, 10W/cm²)


Diameter of the heaters: 8mm

Tubular heaters material: 316L (Incolloy 800 optional)

Quantity of tubular heaters: 3

Body material: 304L stainless steel (316L optional)

Material fittings: 304L stainless steel (316L optional)

Inlet connection: Male 1″ BSPP cylindrical

Outlet diameter: Male 1″ BSPP cylindrical

Air vent thread: 3/8 BSPP (on models where it exists)

Thermowell (1): 304L stainless steel dia. 10×8.5 mm, length 260 mm for thermal cut-out (See thermal cut-out sub assembly models at end of this catalog). Copper thermowell is available on request.  This thermowell can also be used for a thermostat bulb or a temperature sensor.

Disc thermostat mounting bracket (2): 1 bracket for thermostat with extended cup (see thermostat models at the end of catalog).

Wall mounting brackets (3): 3 x 2 M5 feet, 170mm center line distance, for wall mounting on 3 different sides. M5 brackets that are not used for wall mountings can be used for grounding.

Accessories: see end of catalog


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