Type 9PF: Cabinet fan heaters, range from 50 to 400W


Model 9PF1: For remote control by thermostat or humidistat, it has only a fixed setting manual reset temperature limiter.

Model 9PF2: Self-controlled, equipped with a fixed setting control thermostat, and a fixed setting manual reset temperature limiter.

Model 9PF3: Self-controlled, equipped with an adjustable control thermostat which the probe is mounted directly in the air flow, with a dial printed in °C and °F, and a fixed setting manual reset temperature limiter. In this model it is possible to select two modes of operation: continuous ventilation mode, wherein the fan operates continuously and the thermostat switches on and off the heater depending on the temperature setting, and an automatic mode, wherein the ventilation and heating are simultaneously controlled by the thermostat.


Typical Applications:

Heavy duty fan heating in Traffic Signal Control Boxes, Automatic Teller Machines, Outdoor Electrical Power Enclosures, Control Panels, Control Valve Housings, Switch Gear, Clothing Lockers and Railway station lockers.
Operation: Temperature differences in cabinets, mostly in outdoor applications, often result in humidity and condensation which may cause function failures and corrosion. The use of the appropriate heating unit inside the cabinet will eliminate these problems.
Simply keep the cabinet temperature above the outer temperature (thermostat controlled models), or a humidity level below 50% (Humidistats controlled models). It also happens that the very low external temperature dips below the minimally acceptable ranges for electronics or other components. In this case the heaters are used to bring the internal temperature of the cabinet above the limit. The fan distribute the internal warm air equally throughout the control cabinet
Compared to PTC heaters, sheathed tubular heaters deliver unsurpassed strength, a power invariable in time, they do not age and do not drift, and do not produce huge peak starting current.
The metal casing provides increased mechanical protection and the best heat resistance.

Main features

Heating Element: 8mm diameter, 304L sheathed stainless steel heater. Other features of these elements (Humidity resistance, insulation etc…) see P7
Heater surface load: 0.5 w/cm² (2.2W/in²) or 1w/cm² (6.5W/in²) to avoid overheating.
Case Material: Electro-galvanized steel or 304 stainless steel according to models.
Manual reset temperature safety cut-out: set at 70°C (158°F) to protect against over-heating in case of fan failure, or obstructed air flow inlet
Setting range: 4ºC to 40ºC (40 to 105°F) for adjustable models. 40ºC(105°F) for fixed setting models
Fan: 120 x 120 mm, air flow: 100m³/h. L10 life expectancy: 50.000 h (>5 years) at 25ºC. L10 refers to the time at which statistically, 90% of the fan will still be operative. Life expectancy is reduced by about 50% when ambient temperature rises to 50-70°C.
Control lamp: illuminated when heating is on (on model 9PF3)
Operating voltage: 220-240V AC, 50/60Hz, (100-120V AC on request).
Operating temperature:-45 to +70°C. Max 90% RH.
Ingress protection: IP 20
Electrical connection: by screw locking connector (cord with connector, 2 meters, H05VVF 3×0.75mm² supplied)
Mounting: two screws, 130 to 140mm distance. We recommend installing heaters in the lower part of the cabinets, which is usually the coldest area, with ventilation blowing up, to produce optimal air circulation.
Option: mounting clips for 35mm DIN rail. (EN60715).
See P29 and 30, Din rail mounting remote thermostats and humidistat used in cabinet heaters.
-See last part of this catalog tables providing heaters power selection vs temperature and cabinet sizes.
(Add additional 50% to the determined power if the cabinet must be located in windy conditions)


2D&3D Drawing

Main references

Type 1 (remote control) Type 2 (built in fixed setting control) Type 3 (built in adjustable thermostat) Enclosure material Thickness  Power (W)*
9PF1058LG23005EC 9PF2058LG23005EC 9PF3058LG23005EC Zinc electro-plated steel 55mm 50W
9PF1108LG23010EC 9PF2108LG23010EC 9PF3108LG23010EC Zinc electro-plated steel 55mm 100W
9PF1058LH23020EC 9PF2058LH23020EC 9PF3058LH23020EC Zinc electro-plated steel 75mm 200W
9PF1108LH23040EC 9PF2108LH23040EC 9PF3108LH23040EC Zinc electro-plated steel 75mm 400W
9PF1058L423005EC 9PF2058L423005EC 9PF3058L423005EC 304 stainless steel 55mm 50W
9PF1108L423010EC 9PF2108L423010EC 9PF3108L423010EC 304 stainless steel 55mm 100W
9PF1058L523020EC 9PF2058L523020EC 9PF3058L523020EC 304 stainless steel 75mm 200W
9PF1108L523040EC 9PF2108L523040EC 9PF3108L523040EC 304 stainless steel 75mm 400W

* For higher power models, see page 17