Type 9MH:Silicon carbide Infrared tubular heaters

Silicon carbide Infrared tubular heaters

High emissivity infrared tubular heaters, with protection housing

Types 9MH


They radiate in the infrared between 3 and 6μ. They are characterized by an emissivity close to 100% within this range, they show a low surface temperature, a high mechanical strength, and high corrosion resistance.

They are particularly suited for heating, drying, or polymerization of a large part of usual materials where they heat faster than the traditional convection heating.

They can be used for:

– Food warming of products displayed or waiting in fast food and restaurants

(See test report  in the last section of this catalogue)

– Drying at low temperature leather, wood, prints and dyes, paints, ceramic email, food, fish.

– Varnish Polymerization on metal in automotive, appliances and similar industries

– Heating of plastics before forming

– Sterilization of medical devices and equipment or food

– Outdoor ambient warming

– Reheating workstation in workshop

– Heating of stabbles, poultry

Main features

Radiating tube: see description on page 9

Housing: 95x110mm, 304 stainless steel, with backside vents, lengths 410mm (16”) and 710mm (28”). Many other lengths on request.

Reflector: parabolic, polished aluminum

Power density: 3 W/cm ². (Other values ​​on request if the wavelength must be modified)

Warm up time: less than 5 minutes (From room temperature to stabilization)

Surface temperature: 400 to 450 ° C @ 25 ° C.

Protection grid: on request, as accessory

Electrical connections: 2 meters cord, H05VVF, 3×1.5mm², 16A grounded euro plug. UL cord on request.

Mounting: 3 versions, fixed wall mounting (A), rotating wall mounting (B), hanged (C)

Switch: 2 poles on-off  switch

Ingress protection: IP40 (IP44 for hanged model)

Voltage: 230V standard. Other voltages on request (MOQ apply)

Power adjustment: see specific devices P35 and 36


– Other length, from 280 to 1850mm (11” to 72”), covering the full range of culinary food warmers

– Several tubes grouped side by side on the same surface

Main References

Overall length

Power (Watts) Mounting References
410 525 Wall mounting, not orientable (A)



525 Orientable wall mounting (B) 9MHP290H23052SR1
410 525 Hanged (C)



1100 Wall mounting, not orientable (A)



1100 Orientable wall mounting (B) 9MHP590H23110LR1
710 1100 Hanged (C)



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