Type 9CR:Downward blowing fan heaters, 130mm range,thermostat control

Downward blowing fan heaters, 130mm range

thermostat control

Type 9CR

Main applications

These heavy duty fan heaters, downward blowing, are designed for professional, commercial or industrial applications.

They must be mounted on a vertical wall, at more than 40cms from the floor or any board.

Top side air inlets are equipped with a baffle protecting the fans against liquid drops or particle inlet.

They are equipped with 3 silent high flow fans, and a waterproof control box equipped with a 2 pole, illuminated on-off switch, an adjustable control thermostat, and a safety thermostat

Their insulation class 1 does not allow using them in bathroom and in all places requiring Class II insulation. They are not designed for use in hazardous environments.

They exist with painted steel or stainless steel frame.

The main applications are heating of professional workshops, bungalows, cranes cabins, construction equipment, wagons or locomotives cockpit, technical rooms, ovens, containers, dryers.

Main features

Dimensions: 450 mm x130x 150mm body  (control box and legs not included)  Ingress protection: IP44

Heaters: 3 finned elements in 304L stainless steel. Fins 25x50mm 304 stainless steel. Surface load 3W/cm².

Frame material: 0.8mm thick sheet, high strength (Withstands +100kg distributed load), two versions:

– Galvanized steel sheet with black epoxy paint

– 304 stainless steel sheet.

Fans: 3 fans of 120 x 120mm, flow 3 x 30m3/h. L10 life expectancy: 50.000 h (>5 years) at 25ºC. L10 refers to the time at which statistically, 90% of the fan will still be operative. Life expectancy is reduced by about 50% when ambient temperature rises to 50-70°C.


Located inside a PA66, IP65, IK10 protection box, with sealable window, providing access to:

– Adjustable bulb and capillary control thermostat, range 4 to 40°C,

– Fail safe high limit manual reset thermostat for protection against air outlet obstruction or fans failure

Electrical connection: by grounded euro plug, 2 meters, 3×1.5mm²  (no cable supplied in the 3 phase version)

Mounting: 2 wall mounting legs

Voltage: single phase 230V, 50/60Hz or 400V three phase with neutral

Power:   single phase, 230V: 2000W, 3500W ; 3 phases: 4000W

Ambient temperature: -20 to +60 ° C

Net weight: 8.8 kg


-Infrared remote switch

-Customization accepted


Black painted steel frame

304 stainless steel frame
References Power (W) Voltage (V) References Power (W)

Voltage (V)


2000 230 9CR34Y33023200H4 2000 230
9CR34Y63023300HB 3500 230 9CR34Y63023300H4 3500



4000 3×400 9CR34Y6304330004 4000




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