Type 9CG3:Enclosed finned heaters without controls, for assemblers

Enclosed finned heaters without controls, for assemblers

130mm  range, IP65, without fan

Type 9CG3

Main applications

These heavy duty sub-assemblies, are designed for assemblers, to be used as protected heating elements in professional applications, where the temperature control is added by the assembler.

According to the surface power chosen, they can be used in natural convection or fan heating.

They are waterproof and can be used outdoors. They exist with painted steel or stainless steel frame.

The main applications are heating of professional workshops, heating small volumes such as bungalows, cranes cabins, construction equipment, wagons or locomotives cockpit, technical rooms, ovens, containers, dryers.

Main features

Dimensions: 420mm x 130mmx 155mm body length

Heaters: 3 or 6 finned elements in 304L stainless steel. Fins 25x50mm 304 stainless steel. Heating elements are TIG welded on their mounting bracket, which ensures a perfect seal.

Frame material: 0.8mm thick sheet, high strength (Withstands +100kg distributed load), two versions:

– Galvanized steel sheet with black epoxy paint

– 304 stainless steel sheet.

Connection housing: 159x 124 x 89mm , die-cast aluminum with molded silicone gasket; IP65; gray epoxy paint; stainless steel screws. PA66, M25 cable gland output.

Mounting: 2 removable legs can be mounted under the frame (floor mounting) or on the side (wall mounting).

Internal electrical connection: 10mm², 4 ways, ceramic terminal block Voltage: 3 heating elements, 230V, which allows a single-phase connection (heaters wired in parallel) or 3 phase connections (heaters wired in star). Alternative voltages available on request.

Power: 1500 to 4500W depending on model

Temperature range: -50 to +150 ° C

Surface load:

We recommend a maximum surface load of 3W/cm² (20W/in²) for applications in natural convection, and 4.5 W/cm² (30W/in²) for applications in fan heating (air speed> 2m/s).

These devices do not have a fan. It should, if necessary in the application, be installed by the assembler.

See last section of this catalog surface temperatures and air temperature in convection heating and fan heating.

Net weight: 6.4kg

Option:  manual reset safety limit, disc or capillary type. (The selection of the set point temperature depends of the application and must be specified by the assembler).

References with 230V power supply

Black painted steel frame

304 stainless steel frame
References Power (W) Heating elements quantity W/cm2 W/in² References Power (W) Heating elements quantity W/cm2



2000 3 3 20 9CG34G33023200E4 2000 3 3 20
9CG34G34523230EB 2300 3 4.5* 30 9CG34G34523230E4 2300 3 4.5*



4000 6 3 20 9CG34G63023400E4 4000 6 3 20
9CG34G64523460EB 4600 6 4.5* 30 9CG34G64523460E4 4600 6 4.5*


*Air velocity ≥2m/s is mandatory


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