Type 9BW1: Irrigation flow controller

Applications: Timer controlled automatic irrigation of small garden, small green house, balcony, flowers and vegetables. Its use will reduce the water waste especially in dry weather or drought conditions.


Access to settings: under a screwed transparent cover, with O-ring gasket

Medium liquid: Water. Water input fitting includes a mesh filter in stainless steel.

Temperature range: 0-40 °C.

Working pressure:0-4 kg/cm² (0-40 kPa)

Irrigation frequency (left side button):

-Shortest irrigation frequency: 1 hour. (Irrigation is started every hour).

-Longest irrigation frequency: one week (Irrigation is started one time every week)

Button positions “On” and “Off “allow to stop water flow or to have continuous water flow.

Irrigation duration (right side button):

Minimum time: 1 minute. (Water flows continuously during one minute)

Maximum: 120 minutes. (Water flows continuously during 120 minute)

Power supply: 3V DC. (2 AA batteries). Electric power on is displayed by red flashing light.

Pipe connection: water input G3/4” female, water output ¾” male or fast connect irrigation fitting.


Operation instructions

1/ Open the small drawer under the 2 buttons and install the two 1.5V batteries. The water valve will automatically self-check. Then valve will shut off, and pilot light will start flashing.

2/ Set the left side button (Irrigation frequency) on “reset” position.

3/ Connect on water supply and irrigation pipe

4/ Set the right side button to irrigation duration that you need.

5/ Set the left side button to the irrigation frequency that you need. This value must be longer than the irrigation duration.

6/ The water irrigation cycle will start automatically within 10 seconds.


-Do not immerse, do not put this controller at places that can be flooded.

– Freeze will destroy this device.

-Avoid direct sunlight when used outdoor.

-If the right side button (Irrigation time) is set on “ON”, the water will flow continuously.

-If this button is set on “OFF” the water valve will be closed permanently.


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