Type 8L: SPNC manual reset high limit, fail safe



Housing dimensions: 43 x 35 x 29 mm (without terminals)

Bulb and capillary: stainless steel, capillary length 250mm or 1500 mm, 150 mm long PVC sleeve on capillary. Capillary minimum bending radius 5 mm.

Temperature sensing element: liquid filled bulb and capillary.

Terminals: 6.35 x 0.8 quick connect terminals (M4 screws also available on request),

Adjustment: fixed setting, sealed

Manual reset: fail safe, fixed setting, front access reset button

Fail safe contact action by low temperature: Temperatures under -10°C (14°F) will trigger the manual reset.

Mounting: Front bushing , M10 x1 thread

Rating: 16A 250/400VAC

Contacts: SPST  (snap action contact)

Max ambient temperature on body: 150°C (302°F)


Main references

Reference Calibration

temperature (°C/°F)

Minimum resettable temperature (°C/°F) Capillary length (mm) Bulb diameter


Bulb length


Max temperature on bulb (°C/°F)
8L0080105AO61001 80±8°C/176±46.4°F 52°C/125.6°F 1500 6 77 105°C/239°F
8L0080105AA61001 80±8°C/176±46.4°F 52°C/125.6°F 250 6 77 105°C/239°F
8L0090115AO61001 90±8°C/194±46.4°F 60°C/140°F 1500 6 77 115°C/239°F
8L0110135AO61001 110±8°C/230±46.4°F 75°C/167°F 1500 6 77 135°C/275°F
8L0130155AO61001 130±8°C/266±46.4°F 80°C/176°F 1500 6 74 155°C/311°F
8L0150175AO61001 150±8°C/302±46.4°F 95°C/203°F 1500 6 74 175°C/347°F
8L0175200AO41001 175±8°C/347±46.4°F 115°C/239°F 1500 4 95 200°C/392°F
8L0220245AO41001 220±11°C/428±51.8°F 140°C/284°F 1500 4 90 245°C/473°F
8L0270295AO41001 270±13°C/518±51.8°F 160°C/230°F 1500 4 85 295°C/617°F
8L0300325AO41001 300±15°C/572±59°F 160 1500 4 82 325°C/617°F

Other temperatures and capillary lengths on request.


2D&3D Drawing