Type 8G Single pole control thermostat 16A (Appliances type)


Housing dimensions: 43 x 35 x 29 mm (without terminals)
Bulb and capillary: stainless steel,150 mm long pvc sleeve on capillary.
Capillary minimum bending radius 5 mm.
Temperature sensing element: liquid filled bulb and capillary.
Terminals: 6.35 x 0.8 quick connect terminals. M4 screws also available on request.
Adjustment: Dia. 6 mm shaft with 4.6 mm flat, length 11.5 mm. Other lengths, screw driver adjustment or fixed setting available on request.
Mounting: Front bracket with 2 xM4 threads, 28 mm distance
Rating: 16A(4) 250/VAC
Contacts: SPDT (snap action contact)



2D&3D Drawing

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Main references

Reference Temperature range


Capillary length (mm) Bulb diameter


Bulb length




Max temperature on bulb (°C/°F)
8GB-35035AO60001 -35+35°C


1500 6 120±5-CU 4±2°C

(7±3.6 °F)

60°C (140°F)
8GB-35035AA60001 -35+35°C


250 6 120±5-CU 4±2°C

(7±3.6 °F)

60°C (140°F)
8GB-10040AO60001 -10+40°C


1500 6 107±5-CU 3±2°C

(5.5±3.6 °F)

70°C (158°F)
8GB-10040AA60001 -10+40°C


250 6 107±5-CU 3±2°C

(5.5±3.6 °F)

70°C (158°F)
8GB004040AA80001 4-40°C


250 8 85±5-CU 3±2°C

(5.5±3.6 °F)

70°C (158°F)
8GB004040AO60001 4-40°C


1500 6 120±5-CU 3±2°C

(5.5±3.6 °F)

70°C (158°F)
8GB004040AA60001 4-40°C


250 6 120±5-CU 3±2°C

(5.5±3.6 °F)

70°C (158°F)
8GB030090AO60001 30-90°C


1500 6 98±5-SS 4±3°C

(7±5.5 °F)

120°C (250°F)
8GB030110AO60001 30-110°C


1500 6 86±5-SS 5±3°C

(9±5.5 °F)

140°C (284°F)
8GB050200AO60001 50-200°C


1500 6 65±5-SS 5°~13°C

(9~24 °F)

230°C (446°F)
8GB050300AO30001 50-300°C


1500 3 145±5-SS 5~15°C

(9 ~27°F)

330°C (626°F)

Other temperature ranges available on request.