Type 8G:Single pole control thermostat, bulb and capillary, 20A

Type 8G  Single pole control thermostat, bulb and capillary

-New temperature ranges,

-Reduced differential,

-Ground terminal,

-Power rating up to 20A 250V,

-Aligned terminals, compatible with 3 way connectors.


Housing dimensions: 43 x 35 x 29 mm (without terminals)

Bulb and capillary: stainless steel, with 150 mm long PVC sleeve on the capillary. Capillary minimum bending radius is 5 mm. No capillary sleeve for temperature ranges above 400°C (750°F)

Temperature sensing element: Oil filled bulb and capillary.

Caution: Temperature ranges above 400°C (750°F) are filled with sodium-potassium eutectic. In case of breakage of the bulb or capillary, this liquid may self-ignite at room temperature in the presence of water or moisture.

Terminals: 6.35 x 0.8 quick connect terminals, 90° bended. Straight terminals or terminals with M4 screws also available on request. (MOQ apply). Terminal positions and alignment allow the use of a connector with flat or bended terminals.

Adjustment: Dia. 6 mm shaft with 4.5 mm flat, length 11.5 mm. Other lengths, screw driver adjustment or fixed setting available on request.

Mounting: Front bracket with  2 x M4 threads, 28 mm distance

Grounding: M4 thread on mounting bracket

Contact: SPDT

Electrical rating, resistive loads:

 -Open on temperature rise contact (C-1)

16A 250V, 50 ~60Hz: >100000 cycles,

20A 250V, 50 ~60Hz: ≥ 50000 cycles,

10A 400V, 50 ~60Hz: ≥ 50000 cycles.

-Close on temperature rise contact (C-2): 6A 250V 50 ~60Hz: >100000 cycles

Electrical rating, inductive loads:

 -Open on temperature rise contact (C-1): 6A 250V, 50 ~60Hz: >100000 cycles

-Close on temperature rise contact (C-2):0.6A 250V 50 ~60Hz: >100000 cycles


Main references


Temperature range

°C (°F)

Capillary length (C, mm) Bulb diameter

(D, mm)

Bulb length

(E, mm)


°C (°F)

Max temperature on bulb °C (°F)


-35+35°C (-30+95°F) 1500 6 120±5 1,6±1°C (2,9±2°F) 60°C (140°F)
8GB-35035AA60001 -35+35°C (-30+95°F) 250 6 120±5 1,6±1°C (2,9±2°F)

60°C (140°F)


-10+40°C (15-105°F) 1500 6 107±5 1,5±1°C (2,7±2°F) 70°C (158°F)
8GB-10040AA60001 -10+40°C (15-105°F) 250 6 107±5 1,5±1°C (2,7±2°F)

70°C (158°F)


4-40°C (40-105°F) 250 Pig tail style, dia. 30mm coil 55±10 1±0.5°C (1,8±1°F) 70°C (158°F)
8GB004040AA80001 4-40°C (40-105°F) 250 8 85±5 1±0.5°C (1,8±1°F)

70°C (158°F)


4-40°C (40-105°F) 1500 6 120±5 1±0.5°C (1,8±1°F) 70°C (158°F)
8GB004040AA60001 4-40°C (40-105°F) 250 6 120±5 1±0.5°C (1,8±1°F)

70°C (158°F)


0-60°C (32-140°F) 1500 6 86±5 2.5±1°C (4,5±1,8F

80°C (176°F)


0-60° (32- 140°F) 250 8 63±5 2.5±1°C (4,5±1,8F

80°C (176°F)

8GB000090AO60001 0-90°C (32-195°F) 1500 6 98±5 2.5±1°C (4,5±1,8F)

120°C (250°F)


30-90°C (85-195°F) 1500 6 98±5 2.5±1°C (4,5±1,8F) 120°C (250°F)
8GB030090AA80001 30-90°C (85-195°F) 250 8 63±5 2.5±1°C (4,5±1,8F)

120°C (250°F)


30-110°C (85-230°F) 1500 6 86±5 2.5±1°C (4,5±1,8F)

140°C (284°F)


30-110°C (85-230°F) 250 8 55±5 2.5±1°C (4,5±1,8F)

140°C (284°F)


50-200°C (120-390°F) 1500 6 65±5 4±2°C (7±3.6F) 230°C (446°F)


50-300°C (120-570°F) 1500 3 145±5 10°C±2°C (18±3.6F)

330°C (626°F)


100-400°C (210-750°F)




10°C±2°C (18±3.6F)

430°C (800°F)


100-500°C (210-930°F) 500 4 235±5 10°C±2°C (18±3.6F)

550°C (1000°F)

8GB100500AG40000 100-500°C (210-930°F) 750 4 235±5 10°C±2°C (18±3.6F)

550°C (1000°F)

8GB100500AN40000 100-500°C (210-930°F) 1400 4 235±5 10°C±2°C (18±3.6F)

550°C (1000°F)

Other temperature ranges available on request.


Capillary stuffing box with flat fiber gasket and M14 nut. Silicone seal.  Nickel plated brass body. Max temperature 220°C.



2D&3D Drawing