Type 82: 3 pole manual reset high limit, fail safe



Housing dimensions: dia 45 x 44.3 mm

Capillary: copper, capillary length 250mm or 900 mm, 150 mm long PVC sleeve on capillary. Capillary minimum bending radius 5 mm.

For technical reasons, we do not recommend to use capillary length longer than 900 mm.

Bulb: copper, corkscrew type for temperatures from 60 to 130°C (140 to 266°F), tubular  dia 6 mm from 130°C to 170°C (266 to 338°F).

Temperature sensing element: Liquid-filled thermostatic assembly whose boiling causes tripping of the contact. Therefore, unlike liquid filled systems, these thermostats are sensitive to atmospheric pressure, and their reaction time is slower.

Terminals: 6.35 x 0.8 quick connect terminals Adjustment:  fixed setting  

Mounting: Backside legs, 2 M4 screws, holes distance 60 mm

Manual reset:  fail safe action, center button

Rating: 3 x16A 250VAC, 3 x10A 400VAC

Contacts: ST, open on temperature rise (snap action contact)

Max ambient temperature on head: 150°C (302°F)


Main references

Reference Calibration

temperature (°C/°F)

Minimum resettable temperature (°C/°F) Capillary length (mm) Bulb diameter


Bulb length


Max temperature on bulb (°C/°F)
820060090AI61001 60±5°C/140±41°F 20°C/68°F 900 6 50 90°C/194°F
820060090AA61001 60±5°C/140±41°F 20°C/68°F 250 6 50 90°C/194°F
820070100AI61001 70±5°C/158±41°F 30°C/86°F 900 6 50 100°C/212°F
820080110AI61001 80±5°C/176±41°F 40°C/104°F 900 6 50 110°C/230°F
820090120AI61001 90±5°C/194±41°F 50°C/122°F 900 6 50 120°C/248°F
820110140AI61001 110±5°C/230±41°F 70°C/158°F 900 6 50 140°C/284°F
820130160AI61001 130±6°C/266±42.8°F 90°C/194°F 900 6 60* 160°C/320°F
820150180AI61001 150±7°C/302±44.6°F 110°C/230°F 900 6 60* 180°C/356°F
820170200AI61001 170±7°C/338±44.6°F 130°C/266°F 900 6 60* 200°C/392°F

*Cylinder bulb Bulbe



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