Type 72: Dia. 10 mm cartridge thermostat with ½" or M14x1.5 fitting, calibration from 50 to 120°C


Detection of a temperature value in liquids, water, hydraulic oils, thermal oils. Two versions of electrical contacts: Gold-plated for low power circuit, like PLC or 2A 250V for relay coils or resistive circuits.

Main features

Probe material: 304 stainless steel sheath diameter 10mm, with AISI 304 fitting.

Calibration temperature: 50 to 120°C(100 pcs MOQ applicable for specific values).

Tolerance on the opening temperature: ± 5°C

Fittings: 1/2 “BSPT (tapered) or M14x150 with gasket seat.

Immersed length (L1): Standard 90mm and 170mm (50, 230, 300mm on request)

Protection: IP65, IK10.

Pressure resistance: 25 bars.

Part sensitive to temperature: Located at the end of the sheath, on 35mm.

Contact: open by temperature rise. (Close on temperature rise possible on creep action models)

Electrical rating:

– PLC temperature alarm version: gold plated silver contact, creep action, 8A resistive in 12V/24V DC 60,000 cycles, differential less than 2°C.

– Thermal safety version: snap action silver contact, 2A, 250VAC, 100,000 cycles, differential higher than 10°C.

Cable outlet: 17x55mm PA66 overmolding.

Connection: H05VV F, 2 x 0.75 mm² cable, standard length 1m. (Connectors on cable end possible on request)


Main references with 1 meter cable (L2)

Rod length (L1) 90mm Rod length (L1) 170mm Open temperature Contact


References with M14x1.5 thread References with 1/2″BSPT thread References with M14x1.5 thread References with 1/2″BSPT thread
72C14050E090H101 72C12050E090H101 72C14050E170H101 72C12050E170H101 50°C (122°F) 8A 12-24VDC
72C14070E090H101 72C12070E090H101 72C14070E170H101 72C12070E170H101 70°C (158°F) 8A 12-24VDC
72C14090E090H101 72C12090E090H101 72C14090E170H101 72C12090E170H101 90°C (194°F) 8A 12-24VDC
72C14110E090H101 72C12110E090H101 72C14110E170H101 72C12110E170H101 110°C (230°F) 8A 12-24VDC
72C14120E090H101 72C12120E090H101 72C14120E170H101 72C12120E170H101 120°C (248°F) 8A 12-24VDC
72J14050E090H101 72J12050E090H101 72J14050E170H101 72J12050E170H101 50°C (122°F) 2A 250VAC
72J14070E090H101 72J12070E090H101 72J14070E170H101 72J12070E170H101 70°C (158°F) 2A 250VAC
72J14090E090H101 72J12090E090H101 72J14090E170H101 72J12090E170H101 90°C (194°F) 2A 250VAC
72J14110E090H101 72J12110E090H101 72J14110E170H101 72J12110E170H101 110°C (230°F) 2A 250VAC
72J14120E090H101 72J12120E090H101 72J14120E170H101 72J12120E170H101 120°C (248°F) 2A 250VAC

Other rod lengths, replace E090 or E170 by E followed by rod length in mm (MOQ apply).

Other cable lengths, replace H10 by H followed by cable length in dm (MOQ apply).


2D&3D Drawing