Type: 6YTX M20 cable gland, short thread, nickel plated brass,IP66,Ex"e", self-locking, for round cables from 3.5 to 12mm

 This cable gland has been developed for applications in explosion-proof enclosures with increased safety.
The reduced length of the thread makes it possible to mount it in boxes with thin walls, without too much
encroaching on the interior space. Its main feature (patented) is to guarantee the minimum required tightening
torque and to automatically block the rotation of the nut when it is reached. This system also locks the nut and
makes loosening impossible by vibration or unauthorized personnel.
NB: This locking spring can be easily removed if its use is not required.
It allows to pass cable diameters from 3.5mm up to 12mm. Made of nickel-plated brass with stainless steel
locking spring. NBR 70 shore gaskets and Aisi 304 stainless-steel washers. Temperature limits
-40°C + 110°C. (-40°F + 230°F).
Supplied without M20x1.5 nickel plated brass nut and without external flat gasket (They must be ordered


Cable diameter Reference Cable diameter Reference
3.5 ~ 4mm 6YTXAM20S035040N 8 ~ 10mm 6YTXAM20S080100N
4 ~ 6mm 6YTXAM20S040060N 10 ~ 11mm 6YTXCM20S100110N
6 ~ 8mm 6YTXAM20S060080N 11 ~ 12mm 6YTXCM20S110120N

* : Internal gaskets and washers are marked with usable cable diameters.


2D&3D Drawing