Type: 6YTPEM24 M24 cable gland, short thread, in black PA6

This cable gland has been developed for applications in which the standard M25 model is too bulky. The reduced length of the thread (8.5mm) makes it possible to mount it on enclosures with thin walls, without too much encroaching on the interior space. It has an O-ring to ensure the tightness with the enclosure, and the nut is self-locking. It allows to pass cable diameters up to 14 mm and also oblong cables used in heat tracingMade in PA6 UL94V2. Gaskets are available in 65 shore silicone or NBR 70 shore.
Options: Flat external gasket and counter nut in PA6.

Sealing ring material Cable diameter Reference
NBR 70 shore 4 ~ 8mm 6YTPEM24S040080N
NBR 70 shore 8 ~ 12mm 6YTPEM24S080120N
NBR 70 shore 10 ~ 14mm 6YTPEM24S100140N
NBR 70 shore 10 x 5 ~ 13 x 6 mm 6YTPEM24SF60130N
Silicone 65 shore 4 ~ 8mm 6YTPEM24S040080S
Silicone 65 shore 8 ~ 12mm 6YTPEM24S080120S
Silicone 65 shore 10 ~ 14mm 6YTPEM24S100140S
Silicone 65 shore 10 x 5 ~ 13 x 6 mm 6YTPEM24SF60130S



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