Type 6YT: Specific accessories for heat tracing Cables and sensors pipe mouning

Stainless Steel tape 12.5 mm width

Although more expensive than the tradiional aluminum tapes, this soluion is perfectly temperature-resistant, and allows fast and du- rable assembly, and the ability to reposiion or replace cables. It can also cost efecively replace the hose serrage. Tape having evenly spaced tabs. These foldable tabs allow to set the heaing cables at a constant distance.
• Longitudinally spot welded on the walls of tanks or pipes.
• On the pipe circumference, by cuing the circumference and ighten-
ing in 2 holes with a M4 screw and a nut through the holes of the two
bent ends.
Allows the clamping on any pipe diameter.

Reference Descripion
6YTBT01250304 Stainless steel 304 tape 304, 50 m reel
6YTBT01250430 Stainless steel 430 tape 304, 50 m reel
6YTBTKIT4 Box of 50 truss head screws 25mm length + M4 nuts, for clamping on the diameter

Mounting plate for temperature sensor dia 5 or 6 mm

Made of lexible Stainless Steel 304, 0.5mm thickness. Allows the mouning and protecion of temperature sensors and
thermostat bulbs.
• Its lexibility allows mouning on most pipe diameters.
• Compaible with the Pt100 and NTC sensors shown on page 51

Reference 6YTPF160032

Pipe mounting plate for M20x1.5 temperature sensor

Made of Stainless Steel 304.
• Compaible with the Pt100 and NTC sensors shown on page 102
• Compaible with ixed seing thermostats with M20x1.5 thread shown on page 94

Mounting example of M20 threaded sensor or thermostat


2D&3D Drawing