TYPE 66ZMD7: Foot air pedal (air transmitters)



Use: Remote hand free operation of air switches. Even in wet or hazardous environments, this pneumatic foot air pedal safely isolates the user operating power tools and other electrical devices from the electrical current. The foot air pedal provide the pulse air pressure needed to operate a remote air switch

Two switching logics are possible, depending of the air switch used:

– Momentary Switching: Press and hold for on, release for off

– Alternate Action Switching: Press for on, press again for off

Typical applications: Electrical equipment remote operating of electrical devices on/off including motors, lights, pumps, air blowers, or other associated equipment.

Operating distance: With appropriate tubing, these foot air pedals can operate air switches from distances of up to 30 meters (100 feet.)

Air volume: 55 cm3

Accidental actuation prevention: By steel strong shroud, 1.2 mm thickness. Anti-skid protection is provided by 4 rubber feet.

Standard Color: Foot shroud: orange epoxy painting. Any other color can be made with MOQ (consult factory). Stainless steel foot shroud on request.

Bellow material: Strong, rubber No micro leak to avoid pumping action with air switches.

Tube connection: Spout for 3×6 mm flexible PVC or rubber tubing (1/8” I.D), with tube securing nut to avoid accidental tubing disconnection.

Mechanical life: > 100.000 cycles

Ambient temperature: -20+60°C



Foot pedal with steel shroud: 66ZMD70383S10000
Foot pedal without steel shroud : 66ZMD70383S00000


2D&3D Drawing